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I’m not a fashion blogger per se, but I do enjoy fashion. From time to time I share things I’ve recently worn, wishlists, etc. Mostly charity shop items, but some new pieces too. Want to work with me on a post? Email me!

what i wore – jonna dress from monki

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what i wore - monki jonna dress
handmade necklace and dress closeup
firstly, thank you to the lovely and talented holly booth for sending me the monki jonna dress! i’ve wanted it for ages, but it’s not available on the monki site any more, and i’ve never been able to find it on ebay or elsewhere. i love the fun, simple pattern and it makes me feel like i’m wearing a party in a dress.

ps. that’s not cat hair on the dress (for once), just some rather stubborn jumper fluff!
black and white patterned monki jonna dress
the monki jonna dress is super comfortable and very loose fit, and it drapes really nicely, but i decided to wear it with a belt on this occasion which i think looks good too. also, it’s sunny today, yay! that’s always nice this time of year. this looks super cute with a fitted jumper over it too and i can see myself wearing it a lot ..and all that extra room will come in handy with impending christmas meals!

dress // monki
necklace // made from an old bracelet (via charity shop)
belt // charity shop

something a little more classic

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presley glasses c/o glasses direct

i love my bold, rounded retro glasses (the ‘nancy’ frames), but i’ve been looking for something a bit more understated for a while now. i still want some more obvious cat eye shaped ones (perhaps some designer glasses that i won’t tire of), but it’s nice to have a pair that still have that vintage/retro look in a shape that is a bit more classical and suited to the every-day.

when i first tried these on, i wasn’t actually sure if they suited me. i’m so used to wearing more rounded/oval frames that my brain wasn’t sure how to process something a little wider and slightly more rectangular. after wearing them for a week i feel they do actually suit me and i just needed to get used to them.

whilst i do love my nancy frames, i do notice that if i wear them for a prolonged amount of time, they tend to push in a bit behind my ears, and for some reason they steam up very fast too! these must be a touch bigger as they fit absolutely perfectly so there’s no rubbing. the frames and arms are a little lighter and thinner with the presley frames too, so they feel very natural to wear.

these look absolutely fantastic with everything in my wardrobe, and the tortoiseshell frames are a little softer on my fair skin. these are from the new london retro retrospectiv collection ..i was tempted to go with the ‘loren’ frames but felt they’d be a bit overwhelming for my face. glasses direct actually offer a free home trial service, so that you can try on a few before you commit.

loafer love

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loafer wish list
i have been loving loafers lately. well, actually, i’ve wanted a pair for years but i’ve never been able to find just the right pair for me. a lot of them tend to be quite slim fit and my feet are a bit on the wider side. i decided to make myself a little wishlist and looking at the ones i’ve chosen i would definitely wear them all!

i found some fantastic silver and gold ones, but i feel they’d not get much wear year round (which makes me think ..although i’m keen on loafers these boots would probably be better this time of year! i currently have two pairs of socks on, eep). so i’ve stuck myself to a more muted palette. these burgundy patent ones offer just the right amount of colour. i’m a huge fan of navy too, so i really like these suede loafers.

my black choices still have a bit of pizazz to them due to the shiny patent leather, and these river island ones have cute tassles. i’ve also gone for something a bit more traditional that will go with everything and some lovely penny loafer style ones.

which do you like best? do you wear loafers? if you have any recommendations, please let me know.