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I’m not a fashion blogger per se, but I do enjoy fashion. From time to time I share things I’ve recently worn, wishlists, etc. Mostly charity shop items, but some new pieces too. Want to work with me on a post? Email me!

what i wore – blue retro dress & pearls

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face closeup & pearl necklace
looking through these photos, the first thing i notice is how quickly the condition of my fringe deteriorates, bah! any other fine haired ladies got any tips? i normally use dry shampoo to make it look and feel thicker, but it doesn’t always do the trick.

anyway, feel like you recognise this dress? if you do, it’s because i wore it in this post. i still love it just as much as i did at the beginning of the year when i got it. goodness i look different though.

blue retro dress
blue retro dress and pearl necklace
sudden cardigan! ha, it got chilly. i love slim fitting cardigans like this because they add a touch of warmth and i’m not a fan of the ‘chunky knit’ look on myself unless it’s freezing. also, awkward pose much? still haven’t quite got the hang of full length shots. if you’ve any posing tips, please let me know!

dress // ℅ rivers and roads (in january)
necklace // charity shop
cardigan // charity shop

the cats meow (aka cat eye frames)

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cat eye frames
i love my glasses, but when i was younger, before i ever needed to wear them i always wanted some cat eye frames (in the eventuality that i would need to wear glasses). i’ve been lucky that i’ve had good eyesight for most of my life, but in the past few years it’s beginning to deteriorate.

my main reason for needing them at the moment is that they are a huge factor in preventing headaches and abnormally tired eyes. i have one slightly long sighted eye, and one slightly short-sighted, so maybe that contributes. of course, they do help me see better too and i guess like some my eyes have ‘good days’ and ‘bad days’.

because of my face shape, the bigger, slightly more rounded shapes look bettter on me, rather than the smaller, wider and more rectangular frames. my favourite from the ones i’ve chosen above are the black ray ban 2034. they look classic and timeless. i have a love for tortoiseshell too, so the rayban 5031 appeal for that reason. also, i think it’s a bit less harsh on my skin tone. i love the slightly more ‘obvious’ cat eye shape of these audrey ultramarine frames and i love the slightly different look of the dior frames, but i’m unsure if they’d suit me.

do you have a favourite pair from these, or any recommendation for anywhere to get some cat eye frame glasses?

what i wore – grey ‘tinny’ dress & bee brooch

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grey dress
bee brooch from oh my clumsy heart
ice cream hair grip
hello fringe cut! ahh, it always feels better. i’ve lost count of the amount of times i’ve tried to grow my fringe out, but i’ve had one in some form since i was a child so it always just feels so wrong. it’s weird how hair (or lack of) can make you feel so different, isn’t it?

my lovely bee brooch is from the oh my clumsy heart sale, which is still on, so hurry up and get something whilst you still can :) the bees wing is a little mis-shapen (as was stated when i bought it), but i don’t mind as it just makes it a little more individual.

i did try and take a photo with the super cute ice cream hair grip (there’s a cupcake too) in my hair but it was nigh on impossible! i guess that’s where it helps having another person take your photos. now that my hair is longer again i like to keep one side away from my face so it adds a bit of interest. i have some beautiful vintage hair combs that i can start wearing again.

grey tinny dress
as much as i find myself attracted to them online and on others, i very rarely wear dresses that aren’t fitted in some way in the waist or bust area as i feel it’s not a good look on me, but this dress is the perfect compromise. i actually have a black one too, a size up from this – but this one is the perfect fit. loose, but not too loose, and still shows my shape. totally a dress that can be worn as is, or dressed up super easily. i love wearing grey too as it’s a bit less harsh looking on my fair skin than black ..but saying that, black does look good on fair skin, especially with dark hair too.

dress // vila ‘tinny’ via spartoo
bee brooch // oh my clumsy heart
hair clip // ℅ hair dessert
lipstick // MAC lady danger

what i wore – striped polka dot top & pineapple brooch

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polka dot and striped top
i love that i can wear sweaters again without melting! i know most people are sad to see summer fading away, but autumn is my favourite season so i for one am happy for leaves changing colour and to have cooler weather. if it could just not constantly rain though, that’d be good, wouldn’t it?

years ago i thought i wasn’t a ‘hat person’ in that i could never find a hat that looked good on me, but i found this bowler hat in accesorize last year and i think it’s perfect. i would love a nice felt hat too. any recommendations?

polka dot and striped top w/ heart necklace & pineapple brooch
polka dot and striped top
i also got a recent addition to my brooch collection! the lovely anna of custom made sent it to me, and i swear as soon as i opened the package the grey skies turned sunny! what other brooches have that power, eh? only pineapple ones. i’m keeping an eye out for some more fruity ones. i really want a banana and i’ve wanted a cherry brooch for years but never found one that i’ve both liked and been able to afford. i’ve seen some amazing vintage ones though, and i quite like this one!

top // charity shop (originally from gap)
necklace // charity shop (i had to replace the green-skin-making chain!)
brooch // ℅ custom made
skirt // red herring