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I’m not a fashion blogger per se, but I do enjoy fashion. From time to time I share things I’ve recently worn, wishlists, etc. Mostly charity shop items, but some new pieces too. Want to work with me on a post? Email me!

geometric dress love + £30 gift card giveaway

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wallis petite navy dress

wallis petite geometric pattern dress – ℅ house of fraser

it’s been a while since i’ve done a fashion/outfit post eh? i kept meaning to, but things always got in the way, or the weather was awful. i really want to do more on the blog this year (and/or some on instagram too) so i thought this would be a fantastic dress to start with.

i will start doing ‘proper’ posts again soon with me actually wearing the clothes so you can see what they look like on me/a person. but as you know, taking photos of yourself isn’t always that easy! i need to find someone local that i feel comfortable with taking some photos because my boyfriend takes the most unflattering photos of me i’ve ever seen.

anyhow, let’s talk about this dress! it’s *so* me. three quarter length sleeves, knee length, geometric print, a bit of coral pink and a fit and flare shape? oh yes.

i also want to mention i that i love when petite clothes come in ‘bigger’ sizes too. i know i say this all the time, but just because someone is petite in the height/general frame department, it doesn’t mean they don’t also have big boobs/bums/hips/tum. because i’m short, petite clothing fits me a lot better but SO MANY brands only do their petite range up to a size 12. and i know many people that are in this exact situation.

ps. if you want to win £30 to spend at house of fraser, keep on reading…

close up of wallis geometric dresswallis petite dress
full length wallis petite fit and flare dress

i LOVE geometric patterns on clothing, so this jumped out to me immediately. i love that it (the pattern) has a slight midcentury look to it too, which, yes, ticks yet another box. i’m pattern obsessed in everyday life, so i’m typically not one for plain clothing either.

anyway on to the giveaway! would you like £30 to spend at house of fraser  on a lovely patterned dress or other item of clothing? if so, all you have to do is tell me what you’d spend your £30 voucher on! easy huh? the giveaway is open for 2 weeks, and the winner will be picked randomly. good luck!

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winter coat wishlist

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collage of colourful coats for a winter coat wishlist

i’m a firm believer that, even in winter, if you love colour you should keep wearing colour all year round. my favourite coat that i’ve had for a good few years now is bright fuchsia pink and i love it. i know that bright shade of pink isn’t for everyone but i have no shame and want to share my love for colour all year round!

like most people, i do like to have a couple of coat choices whether that’s for different moods, clothes or occasions. so i thought i’d put together a wishlist of a few coats and jackets that i have my eye on, or that will serve as inspiration for something i’d like next year. this time of year is quite good to buy coats actually, as they’re often on sale and although you’ll still be putting out some money, you can get some real bargains if you know where to look and/or have gift vouchers and discount codes.

are you a colour lover that likes colourful coats too, or do you prefer darker colours? or, are you normally into all black everything but love colourful coats? this is information i need to know.

pink collared coat – i need a softer pink counterpart to my fuchsia coat right? also enjoying the buttonless front and fluffy collar.

yellow cape – i mean’s a yellow cape, i don’t need to say any more right?

turquoise wool coat – turquoise with a 60’s silhouette? please and thank you. i’m a bit fussy about collarless coats but this one is lovely.

levi’s navy peacoat – i don’t often go for darker coats but i’m a little in love with this navy levi’s number. the contrasting white collar really sets it apart.

biba abstract leopard coat – this is quite a special coat isn’t it? it’s fancy and a bit out there without being too crazy.

mint patterned coat – i can’t really wear long coats as i’m short (this one would probably go down to my ankles!) but if i was taller i would totally wear this lovely minty number.

disclosure: in association with HoF – as always, all words (& love of colourful coats) my own.

colourful shoe and boot wishlist

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colourful shoes and boots wishlist

if you know me even slightly, you’ll know i love colour. a LOT. i do actually wear black quite often too, but i can never resist getting a bit of colour in there somewhere too.

recently, i came to the realisation that i have no colourful shoes. i have in the past, but for the past few years i’ve worn the same combination of black boots, shoes and sandals. for the times i wear mostly black i thought it’d be nice to have a couple pairs of more colourful shoes or boots to brighten things up. as well as to wear with even more colour, obviously.

so, i got to searching online and have found a handful that i would wear with pride. as we all know, going through loads of shops online can feel of a bit of a faff, and i always welcome ways to cut this time down to find what i want. i was recently introduced to octer, where you can filter by price limit and brands to whittle down an overwhelming amount to something a lot more manageable. also, i have to say, their site has a much nicer design (and is faster!) than other alternatives. i actually used this site to find a few of my following choices:

mademoiselle r heeled ankle boots a nice shade of red, affordable, simple, and a comfortable block heel? yes please.

ranora loafer ankle boots – i love silver and these are just the right amount of fancy without being over the top. imagine a cute pair of socks peeking over the top of these!

blush pink converse – well of course i need these. chuck taylors in a pretty blush pink? an actual necessity.

madrid point courts – i adore this rusty orange colour and these mid heel courts look both comfortable and stylish.

cleo flat point – the pink and buff colour combo is dreamy and i think these are perfect for something easy to slip on.

ello v yellow cotton – can’t resist a bit of yellow. these are also vegan and made from organic cotton!

disclaimer: this post contains sponsored content but as always, all words (and collage) my own.