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collage of fritha from tigerlilly quinn, by laura redburn
my work collage

new collage – fritha of tigerlillyquinn

hey, fritha! previously you may have seen my collages of kailey and olivia ..and now there’s another to add to the collection, fritha of tigerlilly quinn. i’ve read frithas blog longer than quite possibly any other blog. i always enjoy her family adventures, seeing wilf…

taurus illustration myself magazine by laura redburn
my work illustration collage

taurus illustration for myself magazine

i was recently contacted by the german magazine ‘myself‘ to ask if i wanted to illustrate their horoscopes for the year. despite not actually being into astronomy, i’ve always wanted to do a set of horoscope illustrations, so this was a fantastic brief! one…

collage of kailey from mermaidens by laura redburn
my work illustration collage

new collage – kailey of mermaidens

since i’ve gotten my collage mojo back, i’ve wanted to make collages of some of my favourite bloggers. if you don’t know who this pink haired babe is, it’s kailey of mermaidens. she is one of the sweetest ladies i’ve ever known, and i’m…