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cut it paste it sew it: a mixed-media collage sourcebook book review - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blogcut it paste it sew it book review

cut it, paste it, sew it – £12.99

cut it, paste it, sew it is a book that offers a look into the materials and methods that various collage artists use. in addition to this, there’s interviews, peeks into artists studios and of course – imagery of their work. the book is 111 pages long, and has some additional fold out pages (that aren’t too obvious) at the end that you can collage with. fun!

i liked this bit at the beginning of the book. it reads:

To make a collage, you don’t need any predetermined rules. You don’t need complex technologies. Just follow your instincts, be true to yourself, and have fun! The paper you collect, the scraps you just could not throw away, the photographs that bring back so many memories, are reborn as new materials.

cut it paste it sew it: a mixed-media collage sourcebook book review - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

the book is separated into sections for each artist. each section includes some of their collage work detailing what materials are used, an basic and more in-depth interviews where they talk about their technique, and in some, studio shots. what i enjoyed about the basic interviews (which are included with every artist) is that the same question is asked, yet their answers are so unique to themselves.

the questions are:

“What materials do you use most often? And can you give us some pointers on material selection?”

“What’s your secret to making a good collage?”

if you are a collage artist yourself, or have made any collages in your time i’d love to hear your answers to these!

i particularly enjoyed the work of nami ogihara (above), who uses coloured washi tape a lot in her work. it’s fun, simple and very pleasing on the eye! in a very tenuous way the washi tape technique reminds me of the work of matisse.

cut it paste it sew it: a mixed-media collage sourcebook book review - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blog

some of the styles shown in this book aren’t really to my taste, but i can appreciate that it shows a good variety and thus can be inspiring to collage artists (and other creatives) of all methods.

being an artist/illustrator that mostly works with collage, it always pleases me to find books dedicated to collage, whether that be the craft and technique, or dedicated to the works of its makers. i’ve owned this book for a couple of years now and i often go back to it to have a quick flick through or find some details to be inspired by.

cut it paste it sew it is a book i think any artist or illustrator would enjoy, even if you’re just looking for a bit of colour inspiration. this would be a great book for older children and teens looking to get into collage, too.

ps. if you know of any other collage (or collage based) books that i’ve not mentioned before i’d love your recommendations!

new collage – fritha of tigerlillyquinn

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collage of fritha from tigerlilly quinn, by laura redburn

hey, fritha!

previously you may have seen my collages of kailey and olivia ..and now there’s another to add to the collection, fritha of tigerlilly quinn. i’ve read frithas blog longer than quite possibly any other blog. i always enjoy her family adventures, seeing wilf grow up and her lovely colourful photos. oh, and her clothes obviously :)

fritha is definitely a lover of colour, and as you may well know, that’s something i appreciate! if you want to know what she’s wearing, her dress is from boden and her shoes are from seven boot lane.

taurus illustration for myself magazine

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taurus illustration myself magazine by laura redburn

i was recently contacted by the german magazine ‘myself‘ to ask if i wanted to illustrate their horoscopes for the year. despite not actually being into astronomy, i’ve always wanted to do a set of horoscope illustrations, so this was a fantastic brief!

one of my favourite things was that i was allowed pretty much to do as i wanted as long as it wasn’t too colourful (we decided on a colour scheme for each month) and had a nod to what each star sign represents.

first up is taurus, and i’ll be sharing the rest each month after the magazine comes out.

ps. if you want to commission me to illustrate for you, get in touch!

taurus horoscope (in german)