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secret santa with george

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everybody loves secret santa, don’t they? buying a little gift for a group of friends or colleagues, waiting with anticipation to see if they like their surprise? well, it totally works the same online, except there’s a lot of checking out your recipients blog and social media.

along with a group of bloggers, and with thanks to the kind and hard working elves at talented talkers, we got to experience the joy of choosing and receiving some wonderful early-christmas treats! we were each told who our secret santa giftee would be, then slyly stalked each others social media to find the perfect gifts for each other.
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christmas treats with bettys

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bettys chocolate selection

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christmas hamper ℅ bettys

besides spending a prolonged amount of time with my boyfriend (i don’t get to see my dad at christmas, but visit him a couple weeks before or after) my favourite thing about christmas is food. i’m not a ‘christmassy christmas’ or into traditions kind of person, but the one tradition i’ve always had in my life at that time of year is good food, and plenty of chocolaty/sweet treats. whoever you’re spending time with it’s always nice to have a good hearty meal and then tuck into some treats whilst watching films and/or tv.
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last minute christmas shopping

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black and white christmas wishlist

…or some things to get with christmas money! i have been loving black and white lately – specifically together rather than separately – and i would love to bring more of it into my home. i just find myself drawn to it in the same way as my favourite colours (turquoise and pink) and i love that it’s so versatile.
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christmas food in the cosy club

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wooden wall in cosy club
quirky lampshade decor
i can bet a few fellow cardiffians have been here – the cosy club! i was asked to show a favourite place in cardiff for millennium hotels ‘bloggers guide to cardiff‘ project in which ..well, bloggers from cardiff show you our favourite places and things to do in the city.

as you well know, i love the charity shops here, as well as roath park, the museum, chapter arts and many other places, but i thought it would be nice to do something together and treat my boyfriend to a nice meal. we’ve been to the cosy club before, and have loved the decor and food so this was the perfect opportunity to go again.
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