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some of my favourite brooches

i love brooches. i especially love brooches that are a bit on the ‘quirky’ side, which often end up being vintage or at least a bit on the older side. on my chest of drawers i have a little old jewellery box in which…

fashion charity shops

what i wore – striped top and floral skirt

this is a combination of clothes i’ve only recently ‘discovered’. i’ve had each individual item for quite some time, but never thought to combine them. i love clashing patterns, but i think something about this really works. maybe that’s just me though! i love…

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snapshots of my week – 3rd january

what a busy week! only joking. i’ve done very little this week, it’s the boyfriends last week off work, so it’s been nice just to lounge and spend some time together. i make an effort to try and take at least a few photos…