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vintage rose print dress
as i’ve said many a time on this blog (and on twitter, instagram and real life) i love a good charity shop. i get probably 95% of my clothes, bags and accessories from them. i’m also always on the lookout for books and collage material, but they seem harder to come across in my local area.

anyway, from time to time i’d like to share some of my charity shop finds. not a series of posts as such, but just something i will do whenever i feel like it! are there any good charity shops where you live? whenever i go somewhere new i can’t resist going in all of the charity shops i see, so recommendations are always welcomed.
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what i wore – h by henry holland floral dress

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h by henry holland floral dress
it’s been a while, eh? i’ve been meaning to start doing outfit posts again, but other things kept getting in the way. i love clothes, so it’s nice to be able to share what i wear from time to time.  it’s also a learning process because i figure out what poses work well for me, and on the more technical photo side, how to get a semi decent photo of myself. somehow it’s harder taking photos of yourself than it is taking photos when you’re behind the camera!
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10 tips for buying in charity shops

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shopping in charity shops - small change

if you’ve been reading this blog for a while or know me in person, you’ll know i love charity shops. i buy pretty much all my clothes in them (undergarments etc aside, obviously) and a lot of things for around the home too. as well as helping charities it lessens waste, and you can often find interesting and unique items. not to mention bargains are often to be had. i thought i’d compile a short list of 10 tips for buying in charity shops to help out any people that are new to using them.

1. go in regularly

especially if you live in a town or city as stock will be rotated and changed quite often.
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what i wore – boden dress & lip brooch

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the strand dress boden
collared dress and lip brooch
so, this dress, eh? i know a lot of people say this when they get new clothing ..but it’s definitely a new favourite. it’s so flattering (even on a shortie like myself …fyi this falls just below the knee on me) and i mostly just love the collar if i am being honest! i’m sucker for a collar, especially if there’s pink piping!

i do wish it wasn’t attached at the shoulder though, so that i could wear it over cardigans and sweaters. i also normally wear belts with all my dresses that are more fitting because i prefer the shape, but decided against it as i was a bit warm. in autumn of all times!

boden collar dress

the brooch is also a favourite item, which i bought it a few months ago in a charity shop. is it okay to match your brooch with your lips? not that it matters ;) apologies i’ve not included a fuller length photo, i took a couple but i looked so awkward (and annoyed as the light was fading quickly) so i decided not to scare anyone off! you can see what it looks like in full on the link below, anyway.

dress // ℅ boden
brooch // charity shop