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lilac & flowers

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this is one of my favourite dresses. i love the colour, pattern, shape, everything! also, you guessed it has pockets! there are other people out there that love pockets in dresses and skirts too, right? it has a bit of a vintage style and pattern to it too which only makes me love it more.

did you notice i cut my fringe too? my face feels wrong to me if it’s any longer than this.

this is a perfect springy outfit and very, very ‘me’. floral print, a bit of purple, mint and butterfly brooches. you might have noticed by now i wear red (and coral coloured) lipstick a lot. i struggled for years finding a red lipstick that suited my skin tone which is pale, with a slightly pink undertone. everything seemed too orange or brown, neither of which look good on me.

then, once i found one that was perfect, i felt like it made my mouth look huge and clown-like. that seems so silly now, as i feel really comfortable with it. still need to find that perfect rosy pink/natural colour though. any suggestions?

fashion outfit vintage style floral dress and lilac top
fashion blog post vintage style floral dress and lilac top
floral dress pattern
face closeup dark hair red lipstick
butterfly brooch on lilac top and flower dress

dress // george via charity shop
top // charity shop
belt // charity shop
brooches// charity shop

green and black

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this skirt. i love this skirt. it’s one of my favourite lengths (just about mid calf), i love the colour (..a bit like khaki green, but not quite), the feel and best of all has pockets! i love finding dresses and skirts with pockets. i often don’t know what to do with my hands (bit of a fidget-er here) especially when i’m out walking somewhere, so pockets are perfect to hide them away.
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lazy days

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firstly, remember i’m doing a giveaway! it closes at the end of today, so if you want to be one of 3 in with the chance to win a notebook and collage made by me, just read this post and comment. good luck!

this is my typical around the house or just ‘let’s wear whatever i first pick up from the chair of clothes’ sort of outfit. about as casual as i get really! ofcourse if i’m just in the house i won’t be wearing lipstick, but i happened to have put some on before i took these. i have actually worn this exact combination of clothes when i go into town or something too though, as it’s really comfortable and easy to layer if i want to. if you’ve ever seen me about you might know i wear this skirt quite a lot.

i’m not a tshirt person at all and will only wear tshirts i love. this is one of them! talking of tshirts, i love this one from h&ms recent ‘conscious’ collection. ever so pretty.

i think i only have a couple tshirts, which i feel is like nothing compared to the ..however many most people have! most of the time i wear dresses, so i don’t need them, or if i’m wearing a skirt i much prefer blouses or thin jumpers/sweaters. i’m not sure if that’s the right word for what i’m talking about. anyway…

laura redburn outfit post h&m skull tshirt and black tube skirt
laura redburn outfit post closeup flower in hair
laura redburn outfit post daisy necklace
laura redburn outfit post daisy necklace close up
laura redburn outfit post collage

skull tshirt // h&m
striped cardie // charity shop
necklace // peacocks (similar)
tube skirt // river island (very similar one here)
tights // tightsplease – i think the colour is ‘petrol blue’

as much as i love this cardie, it has no buttons and i always have to wear it open, which is a bit annoying when it’s chilly.

‘sew buttons on!’ i hear you shout ..alas i cannot as, thanks to my boobs, can barely pull it over them.
now, i hate the labelling of body shapes, but i must admit it’s easy if you’re trying to explain quickly to someone. as i’m slightly hourglassy (booby and hippy with a smaller waist) as well as short i find it hard finding clothes that i both like and fit me.

i like fitted clothes and so if i can find something that fits over my chest it’s often WAY too big for my waist and/or my hips too depending on the shape of the clothing. or i find something that fits perfectly around my waist and hips but is way too small in the chest and squashes me (never a good look). makes certain styles of tops and dresses a total nightmare.

it’s taken a long time to get there, but i love my body (aside from my bingo wings) and have no reason to feel ashamed of it or change it. if that means making extra effort to find clothes that fit well, so be it.

tan, but not tanned

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it’s so nice when it’s sunny.

i don’t really like being in the sun, and i can’t stand being hot, but i like when it’s sunny because it makes me feel happy. i love rainy gloomy weather too ..but it is nice being able to go out without a million layers on for once. spring is wonderful because when it’s sunny, there’s still a very slight chill in the air. just right for me, anyway.
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