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oh, i do like to be beside the seaside

cardiff by

blue sky with clouds

well, i did want to go to the seaside to take some photos but it just wasn’t meant to be. either the weather was bad, i was ill/injured (thanks toe!), or something more pressing cropped up. so, instead i popped along to a local park to have a little solo picnic. it was such a lovely day that i didn’t mind that i wasn’t on the sand listening to the sea.
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a trip to penarth

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black and white photo underneath penarth pier
top of monkey tree against blue sky

a day trip to penarth

penarth! i’ve missed you. it’s been a long time and i’m sorry i neglected you.

i’ve been meaning to have a proper look around penarth and the beach for such a long time now. i’d been a couple times in the past, but only flying visits so i didn’t have any real opportunities to take it in. it’s so lovely there!
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painting with light at chapter arts

photography, cardiff by

light painting
chapter arts
last week i (along with some other bloggers) was invited to a night photography workshop at chapter arts. the workshop was split into two parts – basics of photography and night photography. to be totally honest, my main reason for going was to learn more about low light and night photography, as i already know how to use my camera on manual ..though obviously i am always learning.

without going into every single aspect of photography (not enough time for that!) the basics were well covered and i could see lots of notes being taken! personally, i prefer to learn by doing, but otherwise it’s so easy to forget things if you don’t jot them down.

lori from wild and grizzly
adele from circus queen
patricia from girl on the river
above: lori from wild and grizzly writing notes on her phone, the lovely adele from circus queen and patricia from girl on the river. it was so lovely to finally meet lori and adele and i hope to see them again!

lights outside chapter arts
painting with light outside chapter arts
painting with light outside chapter arts
light painting
my favourite part was definitely getting outside and taking some photos! i really wish i’d bought my tripod, but my back was hurting and i didn’t want to have to carry it around. i really need to invest in a small one that’s easy to transport ..though i ended up balancing my camera on my cardigan which worked out surprisingly well!

when it comes to night/light photography, you should really keep your ISO as low as possible, to prevent grain/noise. it shows a lot more because there’s less visible detail than in the lighter hours (depending on your subject). also, you should use a narrow aperture as depth of field isn’t really something that matters at night, especially if you’re taking photos of the sky and want as much in focus as possible. anything upwards from f8 should do.

shutter speed is the main thing you’ll want to be thinking of when it comes to night photography (though adjusting the aperture may help towards a better exposed photo, too), and especially if you’re wanting to do light painting, a long exposure is best. upwards from 8 seconds is a good start.

a rough guide for shutter speeds:

1/4000 – 1/2000 will stop the wings of a hummingbird
1/1000 – 1/500 will freeze an athlete running
1/250 – 1/60 will stop everyday motion
1/30 – 1/8 will blur motion
0.5 – 30” will capture low light, motion and long exposures

light painting
because i was using my favourite vintage lens, i had to play around a little more to get the settings right. it tends to over expose on manual mode unless the light is good. i would have loved to get some photos of the moon too, but because it’s a prime lens i couldn’t zoom ..having no tripod wasn’t a help either!

thank you to transun and joe blogs for having us! if you went too, i would love to see your photos, so please share!

snapshots of my week – 5th july

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i try and get out every day if i can. i find if i don’t, i will spend longer and longer indoors and find it increasingly harder to find the mental strength to go out again. i know that just going to the shops is nothing for most people – something you don’t even give a passing thought to – but for some it’s quite a struggle!

as i said, if i can get out once a day it really does help, and in multiple ways. most of the time i just go for a five minute walk up and down my road, or a half hour walk in the alleys near my house – plenty of them! i prefer the latter because it’s much more private. i try and take my camera with me as often as i can too as i often see things that get my attention for whatever reason.

sky plants
hydrangeas through a crack in a fence
getting out, away from the house, away from a busy head to clear my thoughts, to get inspired and to get some fresh air. it makes a world of difference. i absolutely love taking photos and it makes me so happy. seeing how much i’ve improved from just a couple of years ago makes me happy too, and proud of myself. here’s to hoping in a couple years i’ll be even better and can push myself further with it.

tooth graffiti on garage
green and yellow doors
no parking please
marc in the lane
on the doorstep
how was your week? i would love you to share a little snippet with me.