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oh, i do like to be beside the seaside

cardiff by

blue sky with clouds

well, i did want to go to the seaside to take some photos but it just wasn’t meant to be. either the weather was bad, i was ill/injured (thanks toe!), or something more pressing cropped up. so, instead i popped along to a local park to have a little solo picnic. it was such a lovely day that i didn’t mind that i wasn’t on the sand listening to the sea.

homesense very kindly provided me with some vouchers to get some goodies to help me along with my picnic. i already had my enamel plate and cup, so i purchased the wonderfully coloured blanket, floral melamine plate, thermos bottle, tin of belgian waffles and a book to peruse.

everytime i go in store i get a bit excited wanting to buy everything, ha! it’s so colourful in there and luckily for me (unluckily for my purse) almost everything is to my taste too. i have to be honest, i am super picky with homewares and it’s not often i come across bigger stores that have so many items i like!

i thought i was going to feel a bit of a wally taking photos of my wee picnic by myself but luckily i was the only person in the park at the time! if you’re a blogger, do you ever feel a bit silly doing things like that when by yourself?

chamomile flowers

picnic spread with sandwiches, fruit, doritos and belgian waffles on colourful blanket

fifty fashion looks that changed the fifties book

graffiti on brick wall

enamelware cup with doritos

hand holding buttercup in front of graffiti

a trip to penarth

photography, cardiff by

black and white photo underneath penarth pier
top of monkey tree against blue sky

a day trip to penarth

penarth! i’ve missed you. it’s been a long time and i’m sorry i neglected you.

i’ve been meaning to have a proper look around penarth and the beach for such a long time now. i’d been a couple times in the past, but only flying visits so i didn’t have any real opportunities to take it in. it’s so lovely there!

i lucked out and had decided to go on the nicest/sunniest day of the week. i mostly wanted to go to the sea, but i also wanted to check out the charity shops as there’s quite a few there, and you know how i love my charity shops. i found a couple of nice things and i am most definitely going to make some repeat visits when i have some more money.

bandstand in penarth park
top of tree and wisp of cloud in penarth
memorial in penarth park
green leaves
penarth pier
coast along seafront
women walking alongside cliffs
feet and pebbles
rounded pebbles on concrete
chips and ketchup on mossy rock
building on penarth pier
colourful houses on seafront

st fagans

photography, cardiff by

stone structure at st fagans
in april of last year we (myself, boyfriend, his mum and brother) went to st fagans. seeing as it’s so close, i’m surprised we’d never been before. the weather provided a perfect day for it and as always i took plenty of photos. for some reason i’d not shown them before, but it was such a nice day out that i wanted to share now! i’d love to go again soon and take some photos around the gardens too.

red thatched house
tannery at st fagans, cardiff
decorative plinth in church
woman in maroon jacket in front of mural
soup tins in shopfont, st fagans
tins and bottles in shop
loved the shops and all the labelling on the tins and bottles! we bought some delicious lemony biscuits too. all the cameras in the below photo got me a bit excited.

assorted vintage cameras
man in jacket by fireplace
a rare clean shaven boyfriend! aww.

vintage baking supplies
fake plastic fish and chips
for some reason i found the fake fish and chips really amusing.

colourful carousel horse
wooden shack