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Reviews of creative books. Illustration, photography, fashion, textiles and more. If you are a publisher or book author/creator, and would like to work with me, get in touch!

book review – charley harper: an illustrated life

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charley harper: an illustrated life book review

charley harper: an illustrated life – £16.58

if you are a charley harper fan and don’t already have this book, i can guarantee you’ll love it. if you’ve never heard of charley harper, but like colourful, geometric, clever and interesting illustrations i’m sure you’ll soon be enamoured too.

i have the bigger original 2007 version of the book, but have linked to the ‘mini’ 2011 version, which i imagine is the same, just smaller. any references in this review will refer to the version i possess. the book has 385 pages, not including the index and translated interview in the back. it’s hardcover and the colours and image reproduction are bright and clear. obviously in real life his paintings must look even better and more vibrant.
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book spines

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white book spines

‘oh my god she’s doing a blog post about book spines’ i hear you silently shout!

yes, that may be true, but there’s something so satisfying about books arranged by colour or in a pleasing way. or well, anything arranged by colour.  in some cases it probably isn’t the most practical way to arrange your books or magazines, but damn, it does look pleasing to the eye. do you do it, or do you prefer by genre, author, height …something else?
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book review – up my street

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up my street by louise lockhart

up my street by louise lockhart - ironmongers

almost as soon as i started following louise lockhart (aka the printed peanut) on instagram, i noticed that she had made a book, which just so happens to be the one on the blog today! it’s called up my street and you can buy it from her shop (amongst other wonderful things).

the book has pages, printed back and front, on lovely thick recycled paper. it comes in a concertina format and the tops are cut to mimic the shape of a roof.
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book review – vera: the art & life of an icon

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i’ve wanted vera: the art & life of an icon since it came out in 2010 and finally bought it some time last year. totally worth the wait. the quality of this book inside and out is fantastic, not to mention the imagery within. the book itself is hardcover, with 208 good quality pages. full of illustrations, photographs and text about vera and her work.
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