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cut it, paste it, sew it | book review

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cut it paste it sew it: a mixed-media collage sourcebook book review - cardboardcities » creative lifestyle blogcut it paste it sew it book review

cut it, paste it, sew it – £12.99

cut it, paste it, sew it is a book that offers a look into the materials and methods that various collage artists use. in addition to this, there’s interviews, peeks into artists studios and of course – imagery of their work. the book is 111 pages long, and has some additional fold out pages (that aren’t too obvious) at the end that you can collage with. fun!

i liked this bit at the beginning of the book. it reads:

To make a collage, you don’t need any predetermined rules. You don’t need complex technologies. Just follow your instincts, be true to yourself, and have fun! The paper you collect, the scraps you just could not throw away, the photographs that bring back so many memories, are reborn as new materials.

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book review – the nonsense show

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book review - the nonsense show by eric carle

the nonsense show by eric carle ℅ puffin

i’ll always remember being in primary school, nestled amongst the bookcases and beanbags, reading through and marvelling at the hungry caterpillar. i can imagine that’s how a lot of people my age (late 20’s) got introduced to the work of eric carle. even now! it’s such an iconic book that it’s going to last long into the future.
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book review – audrey hepburn a life in pictures

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audrey hepburn a life in pictures book review

i’m going to openly admit that i haven’t seen all of audrey’s films, i knew very little about her life, and i mostly bought this book for the photos.

the book is quite small – a bit bigger than a5, but it’s a good sturdy hardcover book and is choc-full of almost 200 pages of photos. at the beginning is an intro into her young life, her films, personal life and her charity work. this is seperated into short paragraphs and is easy to digest. it’s actually quite in depth considering it’s only about 15 pages long. it has encouraged me to learn a bit more about her though, especially her charity work.
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book review – i know a lot of things

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i know a lot of things - by ann & paul rand

ann & paul rand - orange illustrated owl

yes, i totally bought ‘i know a lot of things‘ just for the pictures. to be honest, there’s not a huge amount to say about this book as it’s a kids book, and therefore quite short at 40 pages. it’s hardcover, and although i enjoy the dustjacket design, underneath that is a very cute orange owl on yellow background that might have been missed by many.
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