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pass it on by sophy henn - book review » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

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pass it on by sophy henn – £5.99

this is basically joy and gratitude in a childrens book, which, in my eyes, is always a good thing.

i don’t care how old you are, you need to read this book.

‘pass it on’ is essentially about finding happiness in the small things in life. which, really, are quite big and very important when you think about it.

the illustrations are as wonderful as the story, and i just love the colours and textures too.
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living with: hattie stewart & yuko shimizu | book review

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living with hattie stewart book review » cardboardcities - creative lifestyle blog

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living with hattie stewart – £11.99

living with hattie stewart is an art book made from 32 removable prints, with interview questions (and answers) throughout. i really like this easily digestible format, and it really lets the images shine. hatties work is bold and colourful and this certainly comes through!

though i’ve not seen her work in person, the colour looks very well reproduced and detail is well preserved. the semi matte, thick paper does an excellent job of letting her work ‘pop’ which is what is needed with this sort of artwork.

living with hattie stewart book review

living with hattie stewart

now, obviously i’m a fan of such colourful, graphic illustration, but besides that, i really enjoyed reading through the interview. they really can help you see further into someone else’s word and imagination. some of the answers are short and to the point, and others more in depth. i feel like i get a good sense of hatties personality through her answers, too.
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coming and going | book review

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coming and going by isabel minhós martins

coming and going by isabel minhós martins

℅ tate publishing

coming and going is a (childrens) book written by isabel minhós martins and illustrated by bernado carvalho.

it includes two things i’ve always been interested in: facts about animals and nature, and lots of colour. i would have loved this book as a child. at almost 30 now, i definitely do.

it shows how animals and humans travel the globe, and the essence of why. it’s certainly a book that makes you think about your place on this planet, and how you can be more aware of your (and THE) environment.
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