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Reviews of creative books. Illustration, photography, fashion, textiles and more. If you are a publisher or book author/creator, and would like to work with me, get in touch!

cut it out | book review

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book review: cut it out by poppy chancellor

cut it out!: 30 papercut designs to cut out and keep* – £14.99

despite being a collage maker myself, i don’t do much of what most call papercutting. this is partly because i prefer scissors over an scalpel (for dexterity/grip reasons). typically i consider what this book covers as papercutting, but there can be a collage element in it too. they’re different skills too, and i really admire the huge amount of skill and time that goes into papercutting!
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don’t get a job… make a job | book review

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don't get a job... make a job | book review

don’t get a job… make a job* – £12.95

it’s been a long time coming, but i finally have a review of this book! i’m sure by now many of you will have read this, but incase you’ve not, or you’re in a creative slump and looking for a burst of inspiration and motivation, then don’t get a job… make a job is a book you’re going to love.

don't get a job... make a job |introduction

don’t get a job… make a job, is split into several chapters and topics include: putting yourself out there,  specialism vs diversity, reinventing yourself, creating positive change and much more.
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where’s warhol? | book review

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where's warhol - book review

where’s warhol? £9.95

where’s warhol* is (obviously) a book based on the classic ‘where’s wally’. warhol has travelled through time to visit art and artist throughout history. this isn’t just any old hide and seek book though – as well as trying to find platinum haired warhol sneakily hidden you can also discover and recognise many, many others from art history.
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the book of the bird | book review

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book review: the book of the bird

the book of the bird* – £12.95

a book about birds in art? i’m in!

the book of the bird: birds in art is a soft covered book showcasing birds in art, from traditional botanical pieces to renaissance art, to more contemporary paintings and illustrations. they’re nicely mixed up throughout, which i like because it gives a good sense of variety.
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