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room tour!

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well, this has been a long time coming! i have been waiting for a day where i have enough time to take proper photos, and that is also sunny/light enough that it doesn’t make my room look super dark.

my room is very much like my blog, and my work. lots of colour! as you can see i’m definitely not the sort of person that has a minimal look, and everything all super organised. i like to have everything in it’s place, but to others it might seem messy. organised chaos, right guys?

ceramic trinkets and wire bike
i’m definitely a fan of little ceramic animals, especially bunnies apparently, as i seem to have quite a few. the black one in the middle is a christmas present from the boyfriend, and it’s from jen collins’ ceramics shop.

chrome lamp and painted boxes
chrome lamp base and pink orla kiely beakeri’ve needed a desk lamp for ages (i did used to have one, but it was so ugly & always cutting out). thanks to the lovely people at lighting majestic, i now have this chrome beauty, the ranger table lamp*.

it looks so classy, and the quality is fantastic. the weighted base is really useful as i’m super clumsy and knocking things over, and it really feels like it will last me many years to come. i also really love that you can change the lighting angle, both in the ..elbow? and the area by the top. good for when i need a little extra light in my photos or want to do a little night-time work.
art supplies - paints and inks
just some of my art supplies, which take up a whole drawer in my chest of drawers. on the right i have paints and inks (though not my watercolours, i use those more so keep them closer) and on the left is spray paints, glues, and other miscellaneous supplies.

in the drawer above that i keep just some of my paper goods like sketchbooks to be used, coloured paper and some collage bits that don’t fit elsewhere. i have a lot of stationery. (and always collecting more, ha!)

letter b and animal trinkets
chest of drawers with art supplies and animal trinkets
i love this chest of drawers, because not only is it useful, but it used to belong to my gran, and she gave it to my dad, who gave it to me. this actually used to be in a different room, but it’s getting it’s full use in here for sure! every drawer is full of my supplies.

it’s too high for me to use as a desk, but i’ve gotten so used to using my lap or the floor that it doesn’t really bother me. i’d much rather have somewhere to store stuff at this point.

a3 printer, gouache paints and ceramic hippo
this area used to be a messy pile of boxes and paper goods, but since i got that little IKEA table it’s been transformed. i keep a couple boxes of paper underneath, as well as some books and random bits that don’t seem to belong anywhere else. on top is my printer, some gouache paints and other bits like my awesome hippo.

wardrobe mood board
yashica minister d camera
floral collage on wooden boxi hate my wardrobe with a passion, but we’re not allowed to paint over or replace it, so i just stick images to it, kind of like a mood board. the camera is broken, but i still like looking at it. i have an olympus XA as well, which i love but that too is broken and i can’t afford to get either fixed right now. i really want an olympus trip 35 too. they’re not particularly expensive but ..y’know.

just below my wardrobe is a pile of collage bits i need to sort and a half finished round wooden box i’m adding some collage and paint to.

wooden hand and framed pictures
lipsticks and other makeup
these shelves from IKEA are really useful too. i have no idea where i kept most of my stuff before i had it! i keep meaning to paint it, but never seem to get round to it.

on the top shelf is random bits, a box full of fabric and some framed pictures. also my wooden hand which is missing a thumb! the middle shelf has my makeup on (which is mostly lipsticks), some paintbrushes and a little pot of perfume samples i’ve collected over the years.

typewriter and pattern books
the bottom shelf is just books that don’t fit on my main bookshelf, and infront of that i have another pile of books, and my typewriter on top. i’ve been tempted to spray paint it a teal colour, but i shall resist.

gold framed mirror and world mapother than my chair piled with clothes which is underneath this mirror, my bedside chest of drawers (which i hate and really need to replace) that’s pretty much it! hope you enjoyed this little nosey into my bedroom.

i was sent the lamp to review, but all thoughts and words are my own.

snapshots of my week – 15th february

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firstly, i’ve decided to move my snapshots of the week to saturday, as it opens up my scheduling a bit, and there’s a little less rushing last minute, as there is sometimes!

secondly, but actually more importantly, i now have doughnut necklaces and watermelon brooches in the shop! there will be some more stuff added in the near future, but there’s plenty things to buy until then, wink wink.

snapshots of my week 15th february
snapshots of my week 15th february
snapshots of my week 15th february
we had about one entire day of lovely weather this week, in which i took this photo of a cloud floating nearby my house. i don’t particularly like summer apart from it actually being light a lot (i am not a fan of the heat) BUT i would love a couple warm days at the moment! it is winter though, so i’m not actually expecting that to happen.

snapshots of my week 15th february
the lovely kate of scathingly brilliant sent me an amazing box of american sweets, in thanks for sending her something that couldn’t be delivered to the US. nothing dodgy, ha, just the site doesn’t ship outside the UK! the peanut ones are my favourite, and i love the twizzlers and taffy too.

the ones that are called smarties, look nothing like smarties in the uk. do you have the sugar coated chocolate kind in the us, or just these?

snapshots of my week 15th february
snapshots of my week 15th february
snapshots of my week 15th february
i’ve had some vouchers to spend, so having lots of things in the post this week has definitely cheered me up a bit. sorry postman!

this book of 50’s patterns is a absolute dream, and probably already one of my favourite books. also loving this one from jane foster.

snapshots of my week 15th february
i also had some tesco clubcard money so i couldn’t resist this box of pantone postcards. always up for more colour. i didn’t buy them to use as postcards to be honest, i just want to use them for colour inspiration. love these three pinks!

we like to read – richard scarry’s best storybook ever

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richard scarry is one of my all time favourite illustrators. his work is so colourful, expressive and undeniably, instantly recognisable as his. this, like many other childrens books i own is from a charity shop. every now and then here i find some amazing ones! you can buy this book from amazon if you can’t find it in a charity shop or used bookshop near you. it’s one of my favourites and i love looking through it.

did you ever watch ‘the busy world of richard scarry’? i loved that too! i remember when i worked in the library at school there was a pc game about it too that i loved playing. if you (or you and your little ones) love children’s illustration/books, you should check out and contribute to fritha of tigerlilly quinns’ posts called ‘we like to read‘.

richard scarry's best storybook ever - lion on small car with apple cart

is it me or does his hat have a smiley face on it? and the buttons/pockets on his dungarees! i also LOVE what he’s wearing!

richard scarry's best storybook ever - sun illustration

love the sun and moon on the back and front inside covers. nice to be greeted by a book, isn’t it.

richard scarry's best storybook ever - brown bear with pink jumper and brown shorts
richard scarry's best storybook ever - squirrel postman with love heart letters

seriously, how cute is this?

richard scarry's best storybook ever - bunny in sailor suit standing by huge pumpkin

this is just a section of an illustration but i love the colour combo and scale.

richard scarry's best storybook ever - moon saying good night! sleep tight!