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photography books

10 books about photography

i absolutely love photography books, and the bigger the better. they can take up a lot of room on your bookshelf, but looking at amazing photographs in print and at a decent size (rather than on your phone or computer) can’t be beaten. unless…


book review // cutting edge fashion illustration

today i’m reviewing cutting edge fashion illustration by erica sharp. i won this in a giveaway she did a while ago. every now and then it’s nice to buy or receive a book you have no expectations of, (like the fashion exercise book i…

books pattern

10 books about pattern & textiles

a short list of pattern and textile books that are in my wishlist. if you have any to recommend that aren’t included, please let me know. ..i will definetly be needing a new bookshelf soon, mine is beginning to flow over! v&a pattern: liberty’s…