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Reviews of creative books. Illustration, photography, fashion, textiles and more. If you are a publisher or book author/creator, and would like to work with me, get in touch!

book review – marimekko: in patterns

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oh, marimekko. how i adore thee. obviously, going into this, i knew i was going to love marimekko: in patterns. i bought it for myself as an early christmas present last year  …i was tempted to get the postcard set, but glad i went for the book instead. the book is a good size to showcase the patterns and is 248 pages long. pretty much the only thing i have to criticise about this book is that i wish it had a harder and/or thicker cover.
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book review – lifestyle illustration of the 50s

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book review - lifestyle illustration of the 50s

to be honest i bought lifestyle illustration of the 50s on a bit of a whim. i knew i’d like it though because a) it’s a book full of illustration b) it’s a book full of illustration throughout the 50’s, and i love the style, colours, patterns and imagery from that era.

this book is huge too, infact it has 512 pages total. it’s crammed full of illustrations from the very beginning of the 50’s to the end, and as you can see from the image below, you can see which years are represented with starting page numbers.
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book review – animal fair

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animal fair by alice and martin provensen

as a huge fan of alice and martin provensen, i am so happy that i own this! i had been looking for a copy of animal fair by alice and martin provensen on amazon, realising i’d have to settle (happily, mind you) for a newer version when i suddenly decided to look on ebay. and boy, am i glad i did! i found this original 60’s version and although it’s not in the best ever condition, i absolutely love it. it’s almost a3 in size too, so i get to truly revel in the wonderful illustrations.
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book review – print and pattern geometric

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print and pattern geometric by bowie style
well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? i’ve wanted to bring back book reviews for some time now, but other things just kept getting in the way. most of the time these posts will be reviews, but from time to time it may be more of a ‘i love this book and i want to show it to you’ type post.

i love books so much, especially visual ones to be used for inspiration. i’d love to make one myself some day, but that’s another story.
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