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Reviews of creative books. Illustration, photography, fashion, textiles and more. If you are a publisher or book author/creator, and would like to work with me, get in touch!

10 books about photography

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10 books about photography
i absolutely love photography books, and the bigger the better. they can take up a lot of room on your bookshelf, but looking at amazing photographs in print and at a decent size (rather than on your phone or computer) can’t be beaten. unless it’s at an exhibition. photography has been a huge love of mine since i was a child, and though i am always learning i find the best way besides just taking photos is via inspiration.

i recently bought this erwin blumenfeld book and it’s amazing! i am forever amazed by his photos. simple without being overly minimal, and strong and colourful without overwhelming. he was an amazing photographer.

as always, i would love your suggestions for photography books! i especially love fashion photography (especially so from the 1930s to 1960s) and anything with a bit of quirk. saying that, i am very open with my tastes and i would love to add even more books to my wishlist. in no particular order, here’s 10 books about photography that i would love to own.

man ray – portraits
avedon fashion – 1944 to 2000
pictures by tim walker (i have wanted this forever!)
stern fotographie no. 65: erwin blumenfeld
what remains by sally mann (and this one!)
horst: photographer of style
cecil beaton: portraits and profiles
viviane sassen: in & out of fashion
kodachrome by luigi ghirri
emmet gowin by emmet gowin

book review // cutting edge fashion illustration

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cutting edge fashion illustration - book cover
today i’m reviewing cutting edge fashion illustration by erica sharp. i won this in a giveaway she did a while ago. every now and then it’s nice to buy or receive a book you have no expectations of, (like the fashion exercise book i reviewed a while ago) and this certainly didn’t disappoint!

this book offers a few different methods on how to go about getting into fashion illustration with different mediums from mixed media/traditional to digital and uses easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to do so. great for a beginner, or someone with a little knowledge they want to expand on. kind of like a creative fashion illustration instruction guide.
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book review / decorate with flowers by holly becker & leslie shewring

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book review / decorate with flowers
today i’m reviewing decorate with flowers by holly beckerleslie shewring. i actually won this book a while ago, but it was one i had wanted to buy at some point anyway as i love flowers, ideas and books. the perfect match, don’t you think?

underneath the dustcover is a beautiful turquoise hardback, which, as a lover of turquoise i admire. also on the end-pages is a lovely watercolour pattern matching the one on the spine. i love little details like this!

book review / decorate with flowers
book review / decorate with flowers
book review / decorate with flowers
the book is very well laid out, and well organised. it has chapters about different florals and scenarios they’d be best in, as well as little tips and DIYs for containers and ways to display. i love the moodboards throughout the book too, they really …well, create a mood and have a good sense of colour that may help you find flowers that will really compliment your decor.

it feels like a lot of thought (and hard work) has been put into the look of this book, but unlike some other books this one doesn’t fall on the content front! enough to keep you informed and inspired, but the kind of thing you can easily put down if you want to get started on one of the projects within.

book review / decorate with flowers
book review / decorate with flowers
whilst i feel decorate with flowers may appeal mostly to people who are into interiors and/or crafts, it’s definitely worth looking into for a little floral inspiration and information. a book for beginners as well as those a little more immersed in the world of decor or flowers. if nothing else, it’ll make you go into a little daydream about your perfect home and how you’d decorate it. or maybe that’s just me.