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The original posters of... book

look at this book | (The original posters of…)

Sometimes I just want to post some photos, and don’t want to write a whole load of stuff alongside. Of course it’s good to get your thoughts out, explain work processes or express your opinion, but sometimes you kind of just want to go…

The Illustrated Dust Jacket Book

the illustrated dust jacket | book review

the illustrated dust jacket* – £24.95 i love book covers. a lot. they give me an immense amount of visual joy that, at this point, often provide an emotional response too. though i’m a sucker for a good photo or type based cover, you…

Yves Saint Laurent Accessories book cover

yves saint laurent accessories | book review

yves saint laurent accessories* – £39.95 yves saint laurent accessories is one of those books that’s quite mysterious and charming from the get go. no imagery, just minimal. gold type, faux bois patterning and of course it’s all set on a majorelle-esque shade of…

Fashion Photography - The Story in 180 Pictures book cover

fashion photography: the story in 180 pictures | book review

fashion photography: the story in 180 pictures* – £39.95   fashion photography: the story in 180 pictures is a very striking book by eugénie shinkle who is a lecturer in photographic theory and criticism. after the intro, the book delves right into things and shares (fashion)…