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i’ve been a fan of the work of danny brito for many years now. as well as other things, i have one of his prints in my kitchen. (side note; kind of want to make that a retro lady wall, with the orla kiely girls print too). his work was amongst the first of ‘internet artists’ – that being artists i found out about via the internet and not books or other people etc – that i loved and inspired me to really try and get my career as a artist/illustrator/creative person going.

surely you know by now (unless you’re a new reader) that i LOVE colour. not necessarily crazy, over the top cavalcade of colour ..though that can be good done well, but i mean well thought out colour combinations or just colour used in a really interesting way. anyway, what i’m trying to say here is that i
love the way danny uses colour in his work. some of his pieces are really full of colour and some are still colourful but use it a bit more sparingly.

you can buy his work on etsy, and follow on twitter.

danny brito illustrations

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