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cardboardcities colour love: white – etsy edition!

the whole ‘etsy edition’ wasn’t a planned thing, when i was looking around for white items that i actually liked or loved, almost all of them were from etsy, so i thought why not have them all from etsy? you can see the previous colours here. i also didn’t realise until after i put all the images together, but all of the second lot are ceramic things. woohoo!

as i’m more of a colourful person, i generally don’t go for white items when i’m buying things for myself or the home. i like white walls, and a minimal look, but in my own home i’m always drawn to items that have colour or texture to them. saying that, i love all the items i’ve chosen and would happily have them in my home or on my person. i wouldn’t be doing this if i didn’t love or at least really, really like the items i’d chosen.

i don’t like the idea of people/blogs doing this sort of post purely for the views or anything that may come from it. do, write, make things that you have a passion for! it really shows.

colour love - white

1// bunny hairband 2// whale tissue holder 3// cloud cushion 4// cat brooch 5// 50’s dress

» isn’t this adorable? would be great for a child to wear for a party or informal gathering.
» i sneeze A LOT so a cute little tissue dispenser like this would be great. also, a have a fondness for whales so double win!
» i’ve liked this cloud cushion for quite some time now. a sweet cushion like this would be the perfect thing to put a little smile on your face on those dull days.
» two things i love a lot are cats, and brooches. this is a brooch with a cat. guess how i feel about it?
» you know how big i am of 50’s style i am by now, right? this would be such a lovely summer dress.

colour love - white

1// unicorn glitter dispenser 2// bone china rings 3// pendant light 4// porcelain dairy bottles

» when i came across this earlier, i was thinking ..where have i seen this cute little unicorn before? then i remembered; on one of laura manfre’s cards which you can see here.
» i am quite a fan of minimal, dainty jewellery and these rings definitely fit that bill. i feel like they’d be really nice to touch too.
» seriously wanting this lamp. the simple colours really pop.
» definitely a fan of a nice ‘vessel’. these are a nice change from glass bottles, and would look beautiful with one or two flowers, or just as they are.

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