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cardboardcities colour love – teal

teal, you are the colour of my dreams. you are wonderful and you make me happy. you make me feel both relaxed and excited and creative. i think (know) i am in love with you!

do you love teal (or turquoise etc) as much as i do? you can see the rest of my colour love posts here.

coral vintage print, teal typewriter, enamel necklace, jersey isabel marant dress, topshop socks

1// vintage coral print 2// typewriter belonging to zoe of conversation pieces 3// enamel locket 4// totokaelo zebra jersey 5// topshop organza trim socks

» i love coral the colour, and i love coral the species. especially if it’s teal in colour and a vintage botanical print. win win!

» if there is one thing better than a lovely typewriter, it’s a teal typewriter. if there’s one thing better than that, it’s a teal typewrited on that rug! i need a rug like that in my life.

» cute necklace! that doilie underneath made me think it’d look lovely over a pretty collared dress.

» not a fan of this kind of dress on myself, but that doesn’t mean i don’t think it looks great! love the shade of teal and the shape.

» aren’t these socks adorable? i love ankle socks, even if they do make me look like a little girl.

modcloth striped dress, turquoise watch, johnathan adler box, leather shoes, snakeskin tote

1// modcloth along these shorelines dress 2// olivia burton watch 3// johnathan adler pandora box 4// teal leather sandals 5// urban code leather tote

» love this dress! bit of a twist on the nautical theme with the colour. would look lovely with a straw hat and some pretty sandals.

» i find it really hard to find watches i like. i’m really picky and generally only like vintage or vintage style watches. like my jewellery, i like my watches to be small and feminine. this fits the bill i think! very simple and pretty.

» oh my. love, love, love this box. it’s turquoise and gold and has dots? perfect! really want this.

» these sandals are so sweet! love the bit of fringing at the front.

» i just realised i kind of have a thing for leather totes. i don’t actually have any myself as they’re too expensive for my funds but i’m always seeing ones i love. like this one, for instance.

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