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cardboardcities colour love: red

i love colour. i love it a lot. i love monochrome too, and even better with tiny bursts of colour, like the home of kerry layton aka seventy tree. her instagram is wonderful too, always love seeing her photos. she has a home wares range coming out soon which i am super excited to see.

i thought i’d do a weekly post, and will start with red, go through to violet/purple, then after that have a look at black, white, and every colour inbetween. this whole thing gives me the perfect excuse to trawl the internet for amazing products, photography, art and more. as if i need an excuse anyway, i love doing that! pinterest is a particularly good place to find things, and as i’m sure you know, it’s rather addictive. if you want to, you can follow me on my pinterest page. also, if you have any suggestions of fantastic and colourful blogs, be sure to let me know.

so, let’s start with red!

1// tory burch device wallpaper  2// emily barletta  3// ilse acke   4// tom ford via bergdorf goodman

» how cute is that hedgehog wallpaper? i may have to change my phone background to that soon.
» i love this piece by emily barletta, don’t you? it’s thread on paper and i’d love something like that on my walls.
» i LOVE this scarf by ilse acke (also, what a fantastic name, i’d love to be wrapped up in it and it’s wonderful patterns.
» finally, absolutely love this tom ford bag. obviously far too pricey for me, but i love the minimal look at the gold on the front, makes it look very luxurious without being tacky.

selection of red items - shoes, anemone, valentine typewriter and embroidered envelope

1// suede shoes – chie mihara  2// sasha kurmaz 3// olivetti valentine 4//  geninne ‘s art blog

» those shoes! oh how i would love them upon my feet. love the pairing with the grey tights too.
» love these floral photos by sasha kurmaz. poppies are my favourite flowers, but anemones look quite similar, so i love them too.
» oh olivetti valentine, let me count the ways i love you. this is my favourite ever typewriter. just look at it!
» isn’t this drawing by geninne ever so pretty? i love that there’s often flowers and birds in her work, they’re two of my favourite things, so i am overjoyed whenever i go on her blog to see what she’s been up to.

i just realised, i use the word love A LOT. that’s fine with me, i love (there i go again) all these things and so many others. if things make me happy or want to obsess over them, i do tend to have a mini love fest.

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