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cardboardcities colour love: orange

here’s the second colour post! the first was about red. i’m going to go through the basic rainbow colours, then black, white, and then every other colour inbetween i can think of. is there anything you’d particularly like to see? let me know!

today we are bathing in the warmth of orange.

  colour love - orange1// sarah stilwell  2// josef albers  3// pattern  4//toast socks
» love the colours in this painting by sarah stilwell. i didn’t realise until recently that i’d seen some of her work before, but just never knew who did it.
» i know this josef albers painting is yellow too, but does gradiate from orange. he sure knows his colours.
» this pattern makes me happy. that is all.
» these socks! i kind of have a thing for nice socks. my feet and whole body just feel so much better when i’m wearing lovely socks, and obviously ones with good designs help.
colour love - orange
» love that ‘c’!
» wonderful cushion from room39, there’s more colours to choose from too. i love everything on that site, but it’s not all orange so unfortunately can’t be featured in this post, ha.
» another thing i have an obsession with is notebooks, and this one fits right in with that. orange and gold look so nice together!
» if you’re in need of something to perk up your organising, i think this gradient file is the way to go.

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