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a little while ago, i had the pleasure of contributing to caboodle magazine again. if you remember, i had done so before in their 4th issue. this time it was illustrating an article about men (more specifically justin bieber) judging women who love themselves more than them. self love and being happy in yourself is such a big and important thing. it’s not easy and it takes lhard work. there are definitely men out there that want women to be ‘theirs’ and that’s not the behaviour of someone that respects you.

i had to tie bieber into the image somehow but couldn’t figure out how. the main collage came together relatively quickly, but that part baffled me. then i had the (clever?) idea of hiding his face into a pattern of the leaves of the hydrangea! can you spot him?

if you’d like to commission a collage, pattern or anything else from me, for personal use, your blog, licensing or for a publication, you can contact me via email.

caboodle magazine collage by laura redburn

caboodle magazine illustration by laura redburn alongside article

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