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cable and cotton – cotton candy

cable and cotton - cotton candy lights
besides the front room, our flat is quite dark. we don’t get much light in the living room due to there being a house next door, and the kitchen has no windows, only the back door. also, because we live on a main road, it’s quite a noisy place too. recently (and i don’t know why we didn’t do it before) we decided to start sleeping in the spare room.

oh my, so much quieter! but also the darkest room in the flat. because we don’t really use it much, the only light in there is the ceiling one. that is until recently when these beauts from cable and cotton* came along. i’ve actually been a fan of cable and cotton for a few years now. i can’t remember how i discovered them, but most likely through twitter – the place where i’ve found some fantastic businesses, big and small.

cable and cotton - cotton candy lights
i went with the cotton candy ones as i loved the pinks, purples and blues. it’s so nice to have some soft lighting in there for the evenings when we sit in bed watching things on the laptop and they’re just bright enough to read by too. i also like that they don’t get hot like some lights do, though always best to be safe and not leave them on too long.

because you have to put these together to use them (super simple – just push the fairy lights into the holes in the balls) i like that you can then take them apart if you want to rearrange the order. gotta love when something is customisable like that, right? i will definitely be getting more in the future – probably a set with more lights – there’s 20 here – as i feel they’d fill a space better. i really like the turkish delight ones!

* these lights were sent for review – as always all words and opinions are my own!

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