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laura redburn, cardboardcitiee business card

as a creative, a good looking business card can be a huge thing. especially if you’re a visual creative need to show off your best work like you would in your portfolio.

some time ago, i won a voucher for some luxury business cards and i have to say they’ve made me very fussy with what i view to be a good quality card. i’m starting to sound like the business men in american psycho aren’t i? such a good scene in the film version. now i just need a reservation for dorsia!


business cards can be such a great way of self promoting alongside social media and networking in person, and can really stand out long after you’re done chatting with potential clients. i love seeing creative ones, ones that really express the personality of the person or business behind it. do you think mine represents me? i think if you can have a card that people comment on (or gasp at – happened to me once!) then you’ve made a good impression with it.

i have at times thought (if i had the budget) of getting some fancy shaped ones, cut in a custom shape. maybe one of my collages or a pair of scissors or something. wouldn’t that be cool? if you have any clever suggestions let me know in the comments.

if you have a business card i would love to see it! send me a photo via twitter so i can see how creative you all are.

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