book review / vintage pattern 1950s by marnie fogg

vintage patterns 1950s by marnie fogg
today i’m reviewing vintage patterns 1950s by marnie fogg. in a nutshell, to me, a book like this is the definition of ‘small, but perfectly formed’.

the title explains exactly what this book is about, vintage patterns from the 1950’s. it features well known designers of the time such as lucienne day, terence conran and . patterns aside, one of my favourite things about the book is that it’s split into chapters with an introduction to each style of pattern.

terence conran pattern
kinetic patterns

i love that the introductions and captions accompanying some of the patterns aren’t dumbed down and over simplistic. they’re not in overly grandiose language, but it’s nice to see something well written in a book that doesn’t have many words.

pink pattern
lucienne day pattern

the reproduction of the patterns is fantastic, the images are bright and crisp, and despite this books smallish size, they’re just the right size. also, this book is very well constructed and the hard cover really adds to its charm. it would be nice to see it in a larger format too, but at 15.7 x 15.9cm it’s definitely not too small either.

all in all i’d most definitely recommend vintage patterns 1950s to pattern lovers everywhere. this book will inspire you in terms of colour combinations and pattern, especially if you’re a fan of the 1950’s or vintage in general.

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