book review – vera: the art & life of an icon

i’ve wanted vera: the art & life of an icon since it came out in 2010 and finally bought it some time last year. totally worth the wait. the quality of this book inside and out is fantastic, not to mention the imagery within. the book itself is hardcover, with 208 good quality pages. full of illustrations, photographs and text about vera and her work.

there’s a quote on the back cover from vera herself that really resonates with me: ‘color sings to me. color is such a marvelous way of expressing emotion. we have so many problems in this world; color just brings a little bit of joy into our lives‘. i think many colour lovers feel that to their core.

this book is (obviously) full of veras very colourful, bold and playful designs. if you’re a fan of midcentury images, warm colour palettes and florals, i can pretty much guarantee you will love her work, and this book. it seems as though it has been well researched, and is well written too. veras life and other interests are delved into, which really rounds the book out and make it more than ‘just’ something wonderful to look at.

i would wholeheartedly recommend vera: the life & art of an icon, on the images alone, but it’s so worth the read too. for those studying (or interested in) textiles, illustration, or anything creative and visual, this book is sure to inspire.

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  • Reply JaseyJade 20/07/2015 at 15:15

    The pictures are gorgeous!!!!
    Jade x

    • Reply laura redburn 01/08/2015 at 11:15

      so lovely. her work is so colourful and full of life!

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