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book review / pulled: a catalog of screen printing by mike perry

pulled: a catalog of screen printing book by mike perry
today i’m reviewing pulled: a catalog of screen printing by mike perry. i remember buying this when i was in the throes of a screenprinting phase back in college. i still love screen printing of course, but i haven’t done it in ages. i would love to do some ‘proper’ screen printing (as in with exposures) but it’s not something i can afford currently. it’s so fun though and something i LOVE doing.

anyway, this book is still a good fix years later when i need a bit of screen printing goodness in my life. the book is compiled by mike perry who’s an illustrator himself. i have a couple other books of his which i may review in the future too.

rachel domm
this isn’t a book that will teach you about the techniques of screen printing, but rather serves as inspiration for all the aspiring printmakers, illustrators and colour lovers out there. as with most books of a visual nature there are some works i don’t like, but for the most part there is some fantastic work in this book.

most of it is quite bold and graphic with simple colour schemes, and there are others which take more of a mixed media and textural approach, such as the work of scott massey or daniel luedtke (whose work seems to take a different form now).

pulled page numbers
maya hayuk
david maron
i love the way that the pages are numbered, like limited edition prints. very clever and fitting! i’d say that on a personal level i find this book a fantastic visual feast full of colour and inspiration. it also seems to be very well thought out in every aspect from design, to paper choice (the pages are very nice to the touch). this was the first book i bought by mike, and if he puts out any more books i’d happily buy them too.

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