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pattern box - the box
pattern box - index cards
today i’m reviewing pattern box: 100 postcards by 10 contemporary pattern designers.

as a pattern lover and maker, i am instantly drawn to something like this. lots of pattern postcards arranged in a box? yes please. i seem to be a fan of the ‘postcards in a box’ format lately. i think it’s because i like that you could easily frame a couple pieces without having to cut up (or awkwardly scan) a page.

as may be obvious, you get 100 postcards in all, 10 from each designer. though i like most of what’s in here, i have to be honest and say that quite a few are not to my taste, but that’s to be expected i think. i knew and was a fan of quite a few of the artists beforehand though, so i generally knew what to expect.

pattern box - leah reena goren cats
pattern box - victoria garcia

pattern box - kindah khalidy ice creams
i would have loved if the index cards dividing each designer were a bit thicker. i find it hard sometimes to take select postcards out and i feel that thicker index cards would make selecting cards by a specific designer a bit easier.

other than that, i can’t really fault this box. the postcards are of good quality, the colour reproduction seems accurate and the general quality is great. you get an interesting array of cards for your money, and i definitely feel there’s something for everyone, but if you’re a fan of more minimal designs this probably (as a whole) isn’t for you.

pattern box - helen dealtry watercolour florals
pattern box - brittany keats cerullo red coral
i would most definitely recommend a purchase of pattern box: 100 postcards by 10 contemporary pattern designers ..and i would also recommend putting up a couple of these up on your wall or sending to a friend too!

i would love to see something like this from british designers and/or other designers from around the globe. i would certainly purchase it, and it’d be amazing to included in something like this, too. three cheers for patterns!

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