book review – marimekko: in patterns

oh, marimekko. how i adore thee. obviously, going into this, i knew i was going to love marimekko: in patterns. i bought it for myself as an early christmas present last year  …i was tempted to get the postcard set, but glad i went for the book instead. the book is a good size to showcase the patterns and is 248 pages long. pretty much the only thing i have to criticise about this book is that i wish it had a harder and/or thicker cover.

most of the book showcases the patterns we know and love, and some you may not have seen before. they’re largely shown in a full page format, though some images are shown in situ as textiles too, which i very much like – as it’s always nice to see things being shown with their intended use.

another thing – and something that i think is very clever – is that on each page where there’s a pattern, there’s a margin that’s made to look like the information that’s printed on the selvedge. love things like this.

as well as patterns and photos, there’s also write-ups about some of the marimekko designers. i really appreciate having background info and an insight into the people that make the things i love.

the book is well made, and despite the flimsy cover, quite sturdy. the colour reproduction and quality is excellent and as i mentioned before, the size of the book is just about right to be able to appreciate the patterns. the layout is well thought out and shows you marimekko imagery from it’s beginnings up to modern day.

marimekko: in patterns is a book i’d recommend to marimekko fans, as well as fans of patterns and textiles in general. i can see this being of interest to those interested in home decor, fashion, and art/illustration too.

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  • Reply Nancy Straughan 13/07/2015 at 17:21

    Uh I need this book! I’m going to buy it right now. Thanks for sharing :)

    • Reply laura redburn 15/07/2015 at 18:11

      excellent! it’s SO good, and i often look through it with a smile on my face.

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