book review – i know a lot of things

i know a lot of things - by ann & paul rand

ann & paul rand - orange illustrated owl

yes, i totally bought ‘i know a lot of things‘ just for the pictures. to be honest, there’s not a huge amount to say about this book as it’s a kids book, and therefore quite short at 40 pages. it’s hardcover, and although i enjoy the dustjacket design, underneath that is a very cute orange owl on yellow background that might have been missed by many.

the text is clearly written from/for a child’s perspective, but is sweet for adults nonetheless. i did like the second to last verse about the world, stars, moon and sun. the book is essentially about the joy that children take in possessing and sharing certain knowledge.

the illustrations by paul rand are simple and cheerful and i think they’ve been collaged ..or a mixture of collage and paint. the same colour scheme is kept throughout (primary colours, with greens and oranges) and the illustrations are in tune with the book and style of writing. if you know paul rands work you’d immediately recognise these illustrations as his. graphic and fun and full of personality.

another lovely addition to my ‘kids books can be for adults too’ collection!

eyes reflection in mirror

green cat on orange striped rug

dalmatian illustration by paul rand

text from 'i know a lot of things'

ant carrying strawberry

text from 'i know a lot of things' by ann & paul rand

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  • Reply Katrina Sophia 15/09/2015 at 15:52

    This book sounds like a fun read! Love the colours and shapes in it.

    Katrina Sophia

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