book review / fun with fabric by jane foster

fun with fabric by jane foster
today i’m reviewing fun with fabric by jane foster. true to it’s title, this is definitely a fun book! as you may guess, it covers fun and generally quite easy things you can do with various fabrics from scraps, to bigger pieces. it also covers basic screen printing, digitally printed fabric and things like patchworking.

pretty pots from fun with fabric by jane foster
edgy tea towels from fun with fabric by jane foster
there’s a nice variety of things to make, and i think they’re suitable for anyone from a beginner to an advanced sewist. i feel this book will appeal definitely more to anyone with an eye for vintage or retro designs and maybe those among you with minimal scandinavian tastes. with a bit of imagination you can use the ideas in this to suit your tastes though.

it’s really quite easy to just ‘dip into’ though i feel it maybe could have been a touch better organised, it feels a little hotch potch in places. that really doesn’t matter though as this isn’t the sort of book that’s necessarily designed to be read from beginning to end.

pandas from fun with fabric by jane foster
sewing instructions from fun with fabric by jane foster
wall tidy from fun with fabric by jane foster
there’s some great touches in the book such as little suggestions for some of the projects, and i really love the illustrated instructions. as i am a person that learns visually as well as a tactile way this is a definite plus over just plain written instructions. also, in the back there’s some templates to help you along if you don’t feel comfortable making your own shapes.

i love the overall look and feel of this book, and as it has a very thick cover it’s durable and feels really nice in the hands. i’d definitely recommend fun with fabric for any crafty types and those looking for a little inspiration, sewing or otherwise.

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