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cutting edge fashion illustration - book cover
today i’m reviewing cutting edge fashion illustration by erica sharp. i won this in a giveaway she did a while ago. every now and then it’s nice to buy or receive a book you have no expectations of, (like the fashion exercise book i reviewed a while ago) and this certainly didn’t disappoint!

this book offers a few different methods on how to go about getting into fashion illustration with different mediums from mixed media/traditional to digital and uses easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to do so. great for a beginner, or someone with a little knowledge they want to expand on. kind of like a creative fashion illustration instruction guide.

cutting edge fashion illustration - create a repeat pattern by hand
cutting edge fashion illustration - mixed media details
cutting edge fashion illustration - mixed media illustration
there’s quite a range of methods included in this book, but not in a way that overwhelms. it’s well laid out, and the chapters and writing method are easy to understand. in some instances erica tells you exactly how she went about creating that particular illustration which is something i like, as a lot of people tend to be very secretive over that sort of thing. i could have done with a book like this before i decided i wanted to make some sort of career out of image making.

another thing i enjoy is that when she is talking about working in photoshop, screenshots are included. this is really helpful if you’re not too familiar with the look of it and could really help you get to grips with it a little faster. a lady after my own heart, erica tends towards hand drawn elements which are then scanned and/or digitised.

cutting edge fashion illustration - floral illustration over photo
if you’re interested in fashion illustration, or this sort of illustrative style, i really think you’ll enjoy cutting edge fashion illustration. good for a bit of inspiration as well as providing some insight and helping you hone your style!

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      i used to (kind of) be able to draw people, i so badly need to get back into practice! this book is nice to look at, even if you don't understand much of the terminology.
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