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book review / abc by brian wildsmith

abc by brian wildsmith
todays review is brian wildsmiths ABC. well, perhaps not a review as such, more me expressing my love for brian wildsmith. i’m not sure if it’s rare, but i’m having trouble finding it online, so if you want a copy i’d say keep an eye out in charity shops and bookshops, or one may pop up on amazon or ebay. his other books such as animal gallery are (a bit) more widely available.

this is essentially just an animal abc book, but it’s made more special by wildsmiths beautiful paintings and energetic style. i think this book was originally made in the 60’s, but could easily fit in with any childs – or adults – book collection now. each page has a painting of an animal corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. l, for example, has a lion.

alphabet by brian wildsmith
cat by brian wildsmith
cat CAT by brian wildsmith
the actual animals depicted are nothing new when it comes to ABC books, but it’s brians style that brings pure magic to this book. his wonderfully textured and colourful paintings are a thing of beauty. i also really love the colours he uses – both in his paintings and the colour choices for the text pages. it just works. i’m not sure why the words are spelled out in caps too, maybe to reinforce the spelling?

zebra by brian wildsmith
horse by brian wildsmith
although this is a childs book it most definitely will appeal to some adults too, namely those who are into art and illustration and/or ABC books. if you ever find this book, snap it up! it will be a treasure forever. mine is a bit worse for wear as it’s a used book i bought from a library, but it will always be a favourite.

have you heard of brian wildsmith before? who is/was your favourite children’s book illustrator?

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