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International Women’s Day | New collage

International Women's Day collage by Laura Redburn

I know International Women’s Day has now passed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the power and all that is wonderful about womankind any and every other day. I did actually make and publish this piece (on Instagram) on International Women’s Day though, and it got possibly the most engagement of anything I’ve ever posted, which was unexpected and lovely. This is one of my favourite collages I’ve made this year, and one of my overall favourites too. There…

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Photo oCharlotte Jacklin

interview with charlotte jacklin from betty magazine

Hello! Since this interview originally went out in my newsletter, Charlotte has since changed her Instagram & other profiles to her name (Charlotte Jacklin) rather than ‘Betty Magazine’ ..I’m going to keep the same title but wanted to make you aware! Hope you enjoy…

Collage of glitchy woman by Laura Redburn
my work

A patch in time | new collage

When drafting posts for the blog, I often put in a quick title before I decide on something more appropriate or just generally better. I originally titled this one ‘glitchy lady’ and because I’ve recently been re-watching Seinfeld, I kept singing it to myself…

Angharad of

interview with angharad from

Second up in sharing past interviews from my newsletter, Angharad Jones. By the way, in case you missed the ‘news’, I’m going to be sharing my past newsletter interviews here on the blog. I’ll be sharing from first to current so there’s plenty to go. By…