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Even more …snaphots of Tenby

hand with tattoo against blue wall

Tenby again? Oh yes. We go a couple times a year so it’s only natural I keep having photos to share here. It’s such a photogenic place and even if I went there more often or moved back to Pembrokeshire I don’t think I could ever tire of taking photographs of it. I have some hopes/plans to travel other places in the UK before the end of the year, so there’ll be more than Tenby here! So far I’ve also…

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Natasha Denness from Candy Pop

interview with natasha denness from candy pop

Hello! Hope you enjoy reading this interview with Natasha Denness from my October 2018 newsletter. Want more? Check out my past interviews. Do you want to be interviewed too? Get in touch and lets chat! Hey┬áNatasha! Tell us a little about yourself and what…

The original posters of... book

look at this book | (The original posters of…)

Sometimes I just want to post some photos, and don’t want to write a whole load of stuff alongside. Of course it’s good to get your thoughts out, explain work processes or express your opinion, but sometimes you kind of just want to go…

International Women's Day collage by Laura Redburn
my work

International Women’s Day | New collage

I know International Women’s Day has now passed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the power and all that is wonderful about womankind any and every other day. I did actually make and publish this piece (on Instagram) on International Women’s Day though,…