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free printable #2 – be free

this wasn’t the image i was necessarily planning on making and sharing today. but it kind of just came to me, and that hasn’t happened in a LONG time, so i had to let it be. also, the piece i wanted to make just was not going as planned. one of those ones that just doesn’t turn out as good as looks in your head. and then you get frustrated and write expletives all over it, ha! i’ve decided, for…

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the small things | 27

– making realisations which will hopefully help me progress (very vague, ha!) – seeing my skin texture improve – blueberry and lemon cake – finally buying a proper raincoat – finding a style of trousers that suits me, and that i feel good in.…


snapshots of my week – 17th august

despite having a bit of mental clarity this week, today my brain feels like mush. you know when there’s coherent thoughts there, but you cant quite put them together? ah, how wonderful. i’m hoping that the clear-mindedness comes back soon! i’m sure i had…