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for a while i’ve wanted to do a photo post with some of my favourite little things, but for some reason i never got round to it. so, as it was sunny today i took some photos! actually i took quite a lot, so i’m saving the others for another post so i can spread them out a bit.

it’s weird how you can look at things in real life or photos and even if you like them, or they’re visually appealing to you they essentially they mean nothing to you. but for the owner there’s often great sentimental meaning, and that is something that doesn’t transfer across. yet at the same time, if you buy something instead of being given it, initially it often has no meaning, but over time you get used to seeing it ..or something happens and you associate that object with that moment or memory.

maybe i’ll look across this post in a couple of years and become flooded with nostalgia. i love that feeling, it can be so sweet and warm and fills you with joy, but also it can make you feel sad too. bittersweet is how i often think of nostalgia.

blue and gold librarian badge

when i was in school i worked as a librarian for a little while (actually, a couple brief stints in other schools too.. i went to far too many schools as a result of moving a lot.) i have really fond memories of it, and to this day i would still love to work in a library. i love books and being surrounded by them makes me happy.

horse and moon brooches

these are a couple of my favourite brooches, along with the librarian one of course. i love brooches and pins, and have a fair few, but am always on the look out for more as they’re one of my favourite accessories. i love how they can really brighten up and make an outfit unique. charity shops are often amazing for things like this so i can never resist the jewellery counters there!

vintage floral pattern tin

tins! i love tins. i don’t really know where my love of them came from, but they are wonderful things. this was a toffee tin (unfortunately i didn’t have the toffees that were in it) from a company called hollands. floral patterns make me extra happy.

ceramic bunny

i love this rabbit so much. i remember one day i was out for a walk, and walked by the charity shops on my road, and this little guy was sitting in the window by himself looking lonely. how could i resist? he’s a sweet little fella.

plastic apple storage

this doesn’t really have any meaning to me, i just liked it! i want to maybe spray paint it or do some subtle patterns on it. i’m not entirely sure what it’s purpose is, but i’ll probably end up keeping random bits and bobs in it.

small key

i love old keys too. i wore this one around my neck for ages with a little crystal pendant. once again, i’m not sure where my love of keys came from. possibly my gran. ditto with buttons. oh, buttons.

vintage floral tin

another tin! this is/was a biscuit tin. it just sits on my windowsill looking pretty.

cat ornaments

this was an outtake, but i just wanted to include it as ava popped in mid shot to sniff the bronze cat. she then knocked them all down ..i think she may have been jealous of the attention they were getting. either that or she wanted the bed to herself to lounge in the sun.

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