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i’m not a person to make a big fuss on birthdays (or any typically celebratory day) but as this blog is somewhat of a visual diary for me, i thought i’d share a couple of things i got.

this is actually most of it as i’m saving up for a new laptop – mine’s currently on the brink of death – and i asked my boyfriend if, instead of buying presents he’d give me a little towards it. we’re quite poor at the moment, but every little helps. talking of, i’ll probably end up getting it from tesco, ha! as nice as it would be to have some super speedy, fancy looking thing i have a tight budget to stick to. still saving, so hopefully this thing will last until the end of the year.

he bought me the beautiful flowers above though, as well as some chocolate, the cute podgy cat brooch below and a new cardigan. the pretty, dainty fairy lights* are from iwoot (i want one of those), and i love how they look hung over my mirror. it gets dark so early now/has been so cloudy that i seem to have them on all the time!

i did buy myself a couple bits as an early present to myself too. the amazing hand print cushion that i found via lyzi, and a cat face bag and cute little pencil from fritha’s shop. (ps. she’s closing soon for the foreseeable future, so grab a bargain!). we’re hoping to go for a bite to eat later in the week, so i shall have many cat accessories!

in terms of the actual day, it was pretty laid back as it was a sunday, and i was alone most of the day. i had a little lay in, went out for a nice long walk and then made myself some nice food …and gobbled some chocolate. my kind of day!

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