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be the change you want to see

be the change you want to see
paraphrased slightly from a gandi quote, which i believe in itself is paraphrased. (ive not done in depth research). i kind of prefer this one, though. i am totally not a person that relies on quotes to get herself by, rather i have a select few that are meaningful to me. this (paraphrased or not) is one of those.


sometimes to ‘be the change you want to see‘ can be a bit difficult because change takes time. sometimes it takes money too, and more often than not hard work is also required. but you have to be willing to change, and as long as you’re okay with sometimes doing things little by little, then you will succeed if you really want to. to now quote hemingway – “it is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ..because i feel realising that can help you towards change.

change can be just for you, it can be your community (blogging, friends, your local community) or it can be for the greater good – a bigger social change that you can help towards achieving.

i guess what sparked this is seeing so many people lately write about how the blogging world has changed. how they feel blogging ‘isn’t what it used to be’ or that they feel there’s too much content that’s sponsored and the whole making money from blogging malarkey in general. that’s a whole other matter though. i see people complaining, but so many seem so unwilling to be part of a change to make things better or even just to purely make themselves feel better about blogging.

don’t be afraid to change what you blog about. if it doesn’t feel right any more, perhaps take a break and re-evaluate. find new ways to make your content work for you. and if your passions change there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. things change. if you want to see more of something out there – more heartfelt written content, more unique product photography …whatever it is. be the person to do it! nothing that iss worthwhile will ever come easily and if you work hard you will be putting what you want to see out there rather than contributing to something you don’t feel happy about!

if you don’t feel happy about what you see, be the change you want to see. be a leader. be courageous and be creative.

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