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some time late last year, sasha from balanced beauty bristol got in touch with me, as she wanted someone to redesign her site header, social media and some business cards to better suit her and her business. she’s a therapist that offers beauty and holistic treatments from, you guessed it, bristol! she also blogs about natural, vegan and cruelty free beauty products.

we discussed what sort of imagery she wanted me to use, as well as colours, fonts and the general ‘feel’. i made a pinterest board as a kind of mood board, to make sure i was getting the right feel for what she wanted. keywords included things like ‘apothecary’, ‘botanical illustration’, ‘healing plants’, ‘make up’ and ‘muted colours’.

as you can see, most of these things feature in the finished piece (below) but it did end up being a bit more colourful than intended. to balance the brightness out a little, i added in some darker colours such as the blues, purples, dark red and some dark green in the form of leaves.


balanced beauty bristol header by laura redburn

we had a little trouble finding the right font. as much as i love fonts, and generally know what should fit with certain things, i sometimes have trouble finding the font i’m envisioning, or it just doesn’t look as nice as it does in my head. i think we found a nice *ahem* balance here.

balanced beauty bristol business card mockup

“I couldn’t be happier with the design Laura created for me. It’s like she’s a mind reader! I think using Pinterest boards and sharing images to get the feel of what I was after worked fantastically. The finished product is just beautiful and I’ve had such amazing feedback from clients about it too!”

what do you think? if you’d like me to design a blog/site header for you, or anything along these lines, please do get in touch.

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