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hello! my name is laura ‘kitty’ redburn. nice to meet you!
i’m a collage artist, illustrator and patternmaker living in cardiff, wales. if you want to see my collage and pattern work, visit cardboardcities.co.uk. my work has been featured on blogs such as frankie magazine, the fox is black and free people.

i originally created this blog as a way to showcase progress on my own work, but that has quickly evolved into something a lot bigger. of course, i do share my work still! the things i love are the main focus of this blog, which are: illustration, colour, and photography (..as well as a little lifestyle).

have any questions? read more below, or skip to the FAQ at the end.

colours in the post

blogging regularly for the past 3 years, my love for photography has grown stronger and stronger. it’s something i’ve loved since i was a child, but by actually taking pictures almost every day it’s something that’s taken over my life somewhat. i’m always looking to learn and improve my skills and my brain is a sponge for all things visual. all the photos on this blog are taken by me, but if you want to explore, perhaps check out my snapshots of the week posts.

if you’re more into the illustration side of things, you can learn a little about my creative process. want to see what work i’ve been making lately? check out the ‘my work‘ category.

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you can find me on facebooktwitterinstagram and pinterest. you can follow this blog on bloglovin’ too, if that’s what you’re into. if you want to contact me personally, for work or for opportunities, my email is laura.cardboardcities@gmail.com


is your name really kitty?
no, it’s laura, but my nickname is kitty and i prefer it. you can call me either!

what camera(s) do you use?
i use a fuji x10 and a canon 650d with a 50 mm f/1.8 lens.

how tall are you?
i’m 5ft 1 (and a half).

do you have any collage tips?
i need to do a post about this!

do you have any photography tips?
i have a post about how to use vintage lenses on canon cameras, and am working on a few more photography based posts which i’ll add here.

how long have you been blogging for?
in terms of ‘proper’ (consistent and regular) blogging, since the beginning of 2013, but like many people my age, i have been blogging sporadically for years previously to that, and yes ..i used livejournal too. i still follow most of the people i discovered in those days on various social media.

where are you from?
i was born in england, but have lived in wales since 2002 and cardiff specifically since 2010.

where can i buy your work?
you can buy at society6, redbubble, curioos and deny designs. i would love to see photos if you have anything!

i want to ask you something else, how can i contact you?
my email is above, but if you missed it, it’s laura.cardboardcities(@)gmail.com