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A patch in time | new collage

Collage of glitchy woman by Laura Redburn

When drafting posts for the blog, I often put in a quick title before I decide on something more appropriate or just generally better. I originally titled this one ‘glitchy lady’ and because I’ve recently been re-watching Seinfeld, I kept singing it to myself as ‘woo-ooh glitch-ay lady‘. Ha!

Anyhow, on with the sharing. I’ve been slowly getting over a long lasting creative block. What’s kind of helping is experimenting with my style a little and trying different things. Still making pieces that feel ‘me’ but doing things a little differently in various ways. Thinking back, this is actually something that’s often gotten me out of a creative rut. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that before this very moment!

In this piece I experimented with a bit of a glitchy effect. I’ve done it before on a few things but never really like it. I LOVE when other people do it though so thought I’d give it another try. It’s kind of subtle but I like it. Would love to try something a bit more ~out there~ at some point.

Here’s to creating more, and experimenting with my style more! And most importantly, to actually making new work!


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