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a colourful little video

in addition to my recent obsession with making (albeit super simple) gifs, i thought i’d make a quick and easy abstract-type video too, just for fun. video making, animation et-al is something i’ve wanted to really do for a long time, but for some reason i’ve been stalling.

naturally, i had to make a gif too. i had to speed it up to make the file size smaller, but it’s essentially the same. be warned, it is a bit fast and flashes a bit so there is potential it may trigger anyone senstive to that sort of thing.

up there on my list of the million other things i want to do in my life, is to direct/make a music video or something of that kind one day. i have no idea if i could actually do it, but i have the willingless to learn, so that’s a start!

so, here’s something i made on sunday after feeling a little inspired after looking through my kaleidoscope. hopefully i’ll be making and posting more videos throughout the year, so watch this space!

gif by laura redburn

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