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a bit of a living room makeover

leaf pattern storage jar and plant
our living room has always been the room in this flat i like the least. it’s dark because we live downstairs and there’s another house just a couple metres away blocking out a lot of the light. over years of living here we’ve made a few little improvements by moving the furniture around and repainting it to make it a little brighter, but it still just felt kinda ‘blah’.

when i was offered the opportunity to do a little makeover*, i immediately imagined a whole new room. seeing as that wasn’t actually physically possible, i got a few things that have really (to us, anyway) transformed it. along with yet another furniture re-arrangement i like it so much better now, and want to actually spend time in here.

living room chair and bookshelf - before
living room cd shelves - before
a couple ‘before’ pics. i did actually take some more, but they were so out of focus (whoops) there’s no point showing them, and by the time i realised we’d already made the changes. basically, everything felt a bit disconnected and there was no flow to the room. my bookcase was full to the brim and the boyfriends cd’s and dvds were in (slight) disarray. he has a lot of cds..this is only some!

chairs with throws and cushions
we would have loved something from the sofas & armchairs range (namely the turquoise chair with the arms) but that wasn’t meant to be, so we got some other bits. as nice as it would have been to have a fancy new chair, i think things worked out for the better.

rug corner
the main item, and the one that made the biggest difference was the big oak effect bookcase. mine has been relocated to the spare room, and i still have a shelf and a half of books on here. all of the dvds are now on here which looks so much better, and most of the cds have been moved over here too. it looks so much better and it feels like there’s so much more room. (by the way, this isn’t as wonky as it appears to look). it’s ridiculously heavy, but super easy to put together. i did it myself in no time.

it went in the place of one of the chairs, which are both now together. like i say, everything feels much more tied together now. i got a really nice grey throw to place the horrible (sorry boyfriend) maroon one that was there before. it’s so soft and warm and covers the horribly patterned chair just right. i was tempted to get a yellow one, but glad i went for the grey.

book shelf and cd racks
because we can’t afford a huge mirror to put on the wall to bring in more light, i had to think of ways to make the room feel a little brighter and more spacious, and then it came to me, a rug! we have brown (ugh) carpets and before had a dull red rug that did nothing for the room. the wave effect rug definitely did the job. i’m not *too* keen on the colour (would have preferred something more creamy than slightly bronze-y) but it’s a huge improvement from what was there.

finally, the lovely leaf patterned storage jar sits on the windowsill keeping bits and bobs that were laying around. despite being the smallest change, it’s probably my favourite item! i’m a sucker for that retro style. anyway, it’s so nice to now have a living room i actually want to be in!

i’m curious ..if you could change anything about a room you dislike, what would it be? would it be one big change or lots of little ones?

* – all items linked sent to review, but all opinions are (as always!) my own

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      i saw it on my way out and couldn't resist it! i can totally understand, even though it's easy to read a chapter here and there, it's really nice to get properly 'into' a book isn't it.
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      thanks laura! it gets really dark in the winter, but luckily the front bedroom is facing the road so we get lots of light in there at least!
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