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the small things

Close up of book pages

the small things | 27

– making realisations which will hopefully help me progress (very vague, ha!) – seeing my skin texture improve – blueberry and lemon cake – finally buying a proper raincoat – finding a style of trousers that suits me, and that i feel good in.…

ice cream photo by ian dooley

the small things | 26

(photo) – working with lovely people – reeses peanut butter cups – not killing a plant i was pretty certain i was going to kill – not eating foods i shouldn’t eat (for medical reasons) despite being very tempted – being able to let…

Flowers on the ground in Cathays cemetery

the small things | 25

i like that this is my 25th ‘the small things‘ post on the 25th day of the month. things like that are satisfying. here’s to many more. i hope i can encourage at least one person reading these to appreciate the small things that…