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do it for you | positive quotes #3 | new work

another positive quote for fritha’s newsletter! i always enjoy taking some time to make these, and this one has been no exception. i wanted to make something graphic and cute, without being cutesy. which is totally my style. i just had to go with…

my work

positive quotes #2 | new work

a new positive quote for the tigerlilly quinn newsletter. i really enjoy making these. and, it’s fun to have this little challenge every month. still haven’t gotten back into the flow of creating work for myself (getting there!). so doing things like this is…

my work

positive quotes #1 | new work

ooh new work! if you follow me on instagram or you subscribe to fritha of tigerlillyquinn’s newsletter you might have seen these already. every month i’m making a piece for her newsletter from a quote that she gives me. we both loved the idea…