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i have this thing with

i have this thing with …flowers

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pink and white carnations between fingers

“The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon. ”― Jean Ingelow

flowers in bute park, cardiff

flowers, fleurs, blomme 

if there has ever been an everlasting love in my life, it’s flowers. no matter what, i’m always going to love them. whether they’re in the wild, store bought, a pattern on a dress or trinket, or in a painting. whatever their form, the love is strong. for as long as i can remember they’ve been, well, almost a part of my identity it seems.
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i have this thing with …pink and blue

photography by

pink beach house in hamworthy

pink and blue graffiti on brick wall

pink and blue has pretty much been my favourite colour combo for as long as i can remember. it’s just always so good. no matter the balance of colour, the shape, the tones or intensity. it just has an appeal i can’t quite put into words. i’m drawn to it in whatever form it seems to come in. in nature, in clothing, in paintings, packaging and more. you name it, if it’s got some combination of pink and blue, i’ll be appreciatin’.
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i have this thing with …pink

photography by

pink wall with tree shadow

peeling pink paint

i had a seemingly endless amount of photos to choose from for this one, ha. i do love pink. i never used to though, and it’s only really been in the past 5 or so years that my love has grown. i’m never going to be an all out obsessive – wearing and decorating every part of my life in the rosy hue, but without doubt it holds prominence in my heart. i’m especially drawn to it in the outdoors. of course i can’t resist a pretty pink flower, but really i mean walls, doors, peeling paint and in areas you might overlook.
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