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my work illustration

aquarius illustration for myself magazine

aquarius! almost done showing these now, excited to collage them all together, too. check out my previous horoscope illustrations: taurus, cancer, leo, virgo and libra, scorpio and capricorn. like what you see? i am available for commissions. get in touch and let’s work together!…

my work illustration

capricorn illustration for myself magazine

only a few left to go! i have so enjoyed making these horoscope illustrations, and it will be weird to not be making them any more. definitely want to make more in the future, and work towards making more editorial based illustrations too. i feel…

my work illustration

scorpio illustration for myself magazine

we’re almost at the end now! i’ve really enjoyed making these horoscope illustrations, and besides gemini i think this one is one of my favourites. it’s also my star sign! have you seen my previous horoscope illustrations? (taurus, cancer, leo, virgo and libra) if…

my work illustration

leo illustration for myself magazine

have you seen my previous horoscope illustrations? (taurus, gemini and cancer) next time i’ll show you virgo! i really like my scorpio illustration, but we’ve still got two to come before i can show that. i got a bit behind with sharing them, so i’ll…