50 creatives you should be following – part 1

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whether you’re an illustrator/any kind of creative or not, you probably admire, buy from and/or follow creative ladies and men on twitter, instagram, tumblr and other platforms. i thought it’d be nice to do a post to do a bit of sharing the love, and hope that you can discover some fantastic, inspiring, interesting and creative people.

i was originally going to do all 50 in one post, but it looked a bit overwhelming, so i’ll be sharing the other 25 next week. i’ve included each persons name, what they do, their twitter handle and website. some are more active on twitter than others, and many of these will have instagram and such like too, but i’ve started the journey off for you, so get exploring and get inspired!

andy j miller – illustrator, storyteller – @andy_j_miller – andy-j-miller.com
maria ines gul- illustrator – @mariainesgul – marjainez.com
josh lafayette – illustrator, letterer – @joshlafayette –  joshlafayette.com
darren booth – illustrator, letterer – @darboothdarrenbooth.com
tuesday bassen – illustrator, ceramicist, badass – @tuesdaybassen –  tuesdaybassen.com
kaye blegvad – illustrator, maker, jewellery designer – @kayeblegvadkayeblegvad.com
lynnie zulu – illustrator – @LynnieZululynniezulu.com
mr bingo – illustrator – @Mr_Bingomr-bingo.org.uk
jack spicer adams – photographer – @JackSpicerAdamsjackspiceradams.com
sophie davies – jewellery designer – @ohmyclumsyheartohmyclumsyheart.com
harriet gray – illustrater, maker – @_helloharriethelloharriet.com
alex mathers – illustrator, inspirer – @redlemonclubredlemonclub.com 
emily proud – artist – @emily_proudemilyproud.com
lorna scobie – illustrator – @LornaScobielornascobie.com
gemma correll – illustrator – @gemmacorrell gemmacorrell.com
anthony zinonos illustrator/collage-maker – @anthonyzinonosanthonyzinonos.com
tobias hall – letterer – @TobiasHall –  tobias-hall.co.uk
nina cosford – illustrator – @NinaCosfordninacosford.com
ryan humphries – illustrator – @ryan_humphreyflickr
laura callaghan – illustrator – @lauramcallaghan –  lauracallaghanillustration.com
jessica hische – letterer – @jessicahische –  jessicahische.is/awesome
kyle t webster – artist, photoshop brush maker – @kyletwebsterkyletwebster.com
holly exley – illustrator – @hollyexley –  hollyexley.com
laura manfre – illustrator – @laura_manfrecargocollective.com/lauramanfre
viktorija semjonova – illustrator, maker – @andsmilestudioandsmilestudio.com

ps. if you want, you can follow me too! i’m @cardboardcities on twitter.

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