4 things i miss about pembrokeshire

flats in milford haven

pembrokeshire is where i lived for (a touch more than) 8 years before i moved to cardiff. in may i’ll have lived in wales for 14 years. i can’t believe it! does that mean i’m an honorary welsh person? ;)

though i love living in cardiff now, and wouldn’t want to go back to living where i was before, there are a few things i miss about pembrokeshire, so i wanted to write a post about them rather than letting the thought pass completely. infact i’m going to split it into two, so this is part one.

  • the beaches

    oh, there are so many amazing, beautiful beaches in pembrokeshire! actual award winning ones. though i’m not the sunbathing type, nothing quite compares to spending some time in these spectacular areas. i’ve so many memories of just sitting on rocks/the sand/dunes etc listening to the waves and just ‘being’. there’s just so much to explore, and so many of the beaches i never got a chance to visit. it’s a slow ‘in progress’. if you’re a walker, the coastal path is a must do.

  • the views

    as everyone knows, wales is renowned for it’s beauty and its landscapes, and pembrokeshire isn’t lacking in any regards. the preseli mountains for one are a sight to behold, driving or walking through is like being in a film. i really want to go back and take some photos.

  • milford haven

    this is where i lived the majority of the time i lived in pembrokeshire. in general i don’t miss it, and specifically the area where i used to live, but there are a few things i miss about it, so here’s a list within a list:

going for walks along the rath – especially on a summer evening, with a gentle breeze, sitting on a bench looking at the sea – and the other places in surrounding areas to go for walks

(some of) the people – only milford people really know what i mean by this, in that you just ‘know’ a person from milford. it has it’s own sort of accent ..mumbled and stoic. also i swear wherever you go in the world, you’ll bump into a person from milford haven.

  • the phrases

there’s SO many, but here’s a select few:

kift – basically meaning broken

tamping – very angry/annoyed & fumin’ – same as tamping (bonus points if you say these as ‘tamPEN and fewMEN’)

ledge – legend ..can also be used sarcastically

pennysow – pembrokeshire for woodlouse

adding “as fuck” to the end of everything (that seems to be one i heard in milford more than anywhere) – eg: “funny as fuck”,

ych a fi – yuck, or an exasperated ‘ugh’

larry – a person that’s a bit of a wimp or won’t submit to peer pressure

tidy like – a situation or thing that’s cool/good/pleasing

lush – often used relating to food

sound – see the above two


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