3 months with the surface pro 4

surface pro 4

i’ve had the surface pro 4 (aff link) for about 3 months now, and i feel that’s an appropriate amount of usage time to give it a fair review. full disclosure: i was gifted this device, but have not been asked or paid to write any specific posts about it. i just wanted to write something for those that may be considering it, and want views from someone that’s used it a lot, or if you’re looking to compare it with something like an ipad pro.

i’ll start off with the specs of this device and what i use it for, and see where i go from there!

dimension wise, the surface pro 4 screen is 12.3″. it weighs  just under 1.1kg, has 1 usb 3.0 port, mini display port and has a micro sd card slot on the rear.

this specific device uses windows 10, has a intel i5 2.4 ghz processor, 4gb RAM and a 128gb hard drive.

windows 10

i was unsure about it at first, but am enjoying it now. i found it very easy to get used to and figure out, and in general it’s much better than windows 8. i don’t use cortana but i know others do, and it does seem helpful and timesaving in certain instances. all my programs work fine on windows 10 and so far (to the best of my recollection) i’ve not really encountered any issues that are specific to windows 10.

unlike the ipad pro, which just uses whatever the latest version of ios is, the surface pro 4 uses the full windows 10 OS. it’s basically a laptop that you can also use as a tablet too.


the device itself is great, but i do have a few small issues:

  • at 0% brightness it tends to flicker. i only have it this low when in bed at night watching things or doing a little web browsing. it gets annoying so i push it up to 25 % which fixes it.
  • every now and then when the device is ‘sleeping’ it refuses to respond or turn back on when waking. there have been updates for this so it rarely happens now, but will on rare occasion. holding down the power button for 30 seconds to reset reboots the device and fixes it.
  • on certain applications/programs the display driver sometimes crashes. i believe all 3 issues are related and hope they’ll be properly fixed, but as they are, they’re not dealbreakers for me in any way.

microsoft surface pro laptop/tablet

battery life

it’s reported the battery can last up to 9 hours. i’ve personally not experienced that, but for me it typically lasts about 5 or 6 hours unplugged. this can be extended by not using power hungry programs, using the battery saver and such like. obviously if you’re editing photos or video for a long time unplugged this will be reduced.

typically when i’m using it unplugged i will be editing photos (not loads, i imagine that’d be a bigger drain), writing blog posts, using twitter and pinterest, and watching videos online. like i said, for me i get about 5 or so hours unplugged. i’ve not used it whilst travelling or properly out and about yet, but i imagine that’s good enough for most.


personally i use the surface pro 4 for 2 things.

everyday use, which includes: checking emails, general web browsing, watching videos, blogging, note taking, etc..

and creative tasks, such as: editing photos and video, general photoshop use (mostly for editing and making collages), sketching notes, making patterns and more.

it’s currently my main computer and is more than satisfactory for what i use it for. it’s nice and fast, pretty much never lags, even on more intensive tasks like editing and rendering video tasks, and the fan doesn’t come on unless it really needs to. on my old laptop it was pretty much always running.

the surface pen is a joy to use, is nice to hold, has excellent pressure sensitivity, and to the best of my knowledge, suffers no lag (if it does it’s miniscule) when drawing and doing general tasks. the eraser has multiple functionalities, which is an excellent – and useful- bonus.

the surface pro 4 (aff link) has a detachable keyboard and a kickstand on the back of the main device. to be honest i don’t use the keyboard that often, but it works well, is easy to type on and serves as protection for the screen if you’re using it out and about. the kickstand is fantastic as it ‘locks’ into any position but at the same time is easy and flexible to your viewing needs.

tldr opinion on the surface pro 4:

i genuinely love this device, and can say, despite a few small issues, it’s the best computer/device i’ve ever used. as a side note, the colour accuracy is a-m a z i n g. if you want me to go more in depth, or have any questions, i’d be happy to answer them in another post.

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